First Time Riding a Motorcycle – Ninja 250

First Time Riding a Motorcycle – Ninja 250
First Time Riding a Motorcycle – Ninja 250
Kawasaki Ninja 250 First Time Riding a Motorcycle learns as he rides. Ninja 250 ride teaching first time rider.

Learns to shift gears on ninja 250.
Using brakes on the ninja 250.
Learns to use indicator light on ninja 250.
Turning corners on ninja 250.
Prepping for road driving on ninja 250.

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29 thoughts on “First Time Riding a Motorcycle – Ninja 250

  1. my first ride ever was for 15 seconds and was a huge mess… second one,I didn’t know how much pressure i should put on the throttle and I have been pushed to the back, and as I was trying to gain control of the bar I have been putting more pressure, long story short, accident then surgery.. moral of the story; never try these things without someone to guide you.. an actual person.. if you think I am stupid and slow learner, give a scooter to anyone with no experience and you will notice the same..a beginner is bound to make mistakes, guidance will help him avoid lethal ones

  2. Looking into a dual sport, anyone know where can I find the dirt bike version of this awesome info?

  3. First time ever buying and riding a bike, Do you all recommend this bike(Ninja 250R) ? Any tips

  4. nice vid how much does it usally cost to learn how to ride im 43 and i always wanted to learn

  5. whats better to learn on a sport bike like this or a cruiser i really dont like the sport bikes and what cc should i get ….a 250cc or something else im 220lbs guy i dont wanna be fat man on a little bike but i also dont wanna be fat man dead on the road either

  6. newbies have got to stop looking at their hands and feet when they get going after a stop, get those eyes up and look ahead and where your going, you don’t have to look down to watch your foot shift. keep riding

  7. I was riding my bike in second gear didn’t realize I had my foot on the foot peg and shifter and accidently shifted it in to neutral. is that bad for the bike at all? I did it a few times didn’t realize what I was doing till my third time. have learned now to move my foot further back hasn’t happened again since. btw just got my bike 2 day ago first time riding ever…

  8. at slow sped it’s not gas to stabilize you chipping the throttle is what causes problems but when you go really slow but you pull in your clutch and push the back break ever so slightly that will stabilize the bike

  9. When in doubt throttle out. Tell him 70 percent of brake power is in front brake lever side. Also how to pull clutch n cut all power to wheel when stopping or parking then throw neutral until u get it down straight.

  10. I started on a moped, 50cc (still on it, but 70cc now)

    in about 3 months i’ll get a 125cc bike, better, but still not very powerfull 🙁
    stupid laws… when 18 years old i can have 125cc & max 11KW
    when 20 i can get max 35KW
    and when 22 or i can get unlimited power

    also need to get drivers license 3 times then…

  11. AWESOME VIDEO!!! Watched so many capable riders explaining how to ride while they ride and make it look so easy. Such a great idea to see a learner do it. So much more to consider. Thanks heaps for posting this!

  12. I just bought a Ninja 300 today and already, after 10 minutes of riding around my neighborhood, I’m getting so good at it. First time on a motorcycle. Never rode a dirtbike. It is way easier than I thought it would be. The only thing I’m making mistakes at is rev matching on the downshifts but I will get the hang of it by tomorrow lol.

  13. where you from because I want to know if you would teach me to bro

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