Police VS Motorcycle Cop Chase Motorcycles Messing With Cops Ride Wheelie Running Away Outruns 2016

Police VS Motorcycle Cop Chase Motorcycles Messing With Cops Ride Wheelie Running Away Outruns 2016
MOTORCYCLE VS COPS Funny Police Chase Motorcycles Doing Illegal Stunts On Highway Messing With Cops Caught On Video Tape 2016! Street Bike Riders Ride Long Highway Wheelies While Running Away From The Cops. Stunt bike riders messes with police clutching up wheelies while being chased by police officer in SUV patrol vehicle on the freeway at high speeds. Watch as motorcyclist perform illegal motorcycle stunts & tricks right in front of police officer who attempting to pulling over the bikers for a traffic stop. The police officer begins chasing the group of sport bike riders who run from the cop on the highway as one of the bikers films the whole motorcycle police chase with Go Pro Hero helmet camera. The stunt bike rider who is video taping rides a long highway combo wheelie right next to police officers patrol car who is chasing the motorbikes in a high speed pursuit. street bikes VS cops this time street bikes won outrunning all law enforcement & making a clean getaway escape from police who chased motorcycles in attempt to arrest these insane moto hooligans with no such luck. The make & model of motorcycles featured in this video clip our 2001 – 2006 Honda CBR600F4i custom built stunt bikes & 2005 – 2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX 636 ZX6R customized for stunt riding.

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23 thoughts on “Police VS Motorcycle Cop Chase Motorcycles Messing With Cops Ride Wheelie Running Away Outruns 2016

  1. Fuckin pigs can get away with harassing cars but these guys showed them pigs they can’t always get away with it. Kudos

  2. Vehicular manslaughter, you could kill someone riding like maniacs, I’m surprised they didn’t just snipe you guys right off your bike’s. They could just say it was either you guys or the innocent law abiding motorist. That would have been way more exciting and one hell of a shot.

  3. Just out of curiosity. What was your punishment for this once you guys got pulled over?

  4. I’m just wondering, do any of y’all that stunt and have those huge sprockets on the back of your bike get anything to adjust the speedometer to correct it. The reason I ask is because when I see these videos and see the speed indicated is it accurate or not?

  5. people still supporting cops in the comments XD its like opening a gay porn site and commenting about how gays are stupid xD like fuck off and support your pigs somewhere else lol

  6. One the one hand, to hell with these guys for being so reckless on public roads. But on the other hand, fuck the police.

  7. More fuck whits on sport bikes. Thanks for making us all look like morons. Die and don’t take out anyone else shit for brains.

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