Carb Rebuild & Riding the Barn Find Kawasaki! Ike’s Adventures

Carb Rebuild & Riding the Barn Find Kawasaki! Ike’s Adventures
Ike cleans the carburetor in the vintage Kawasaki dirt bike, reassembles it, finds a fuel tank, and takes it for a ride. Pretty peppy for an old two stroke!

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*Camera Gear*
Sony a6500:
Sandisk 64GB memory card:
GoPro Hero 4 Silver:
Rode Videomic Pro:

Carburetor jet drill bit set:

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20 thoughts on “Carb Rebuild & Riding the Barn Find Kawasaki! Ike’s Adventures

  1. Love to see the consistency in your videos, hope to see your channel grow enough to support your craft in the future.

  2. Great video! I dig seeing more 2 stroke stuff on the channel! Looked like that thing had some good torque eh?

  3. Been awhile since I seen a video so idk f y’all quit or you tube was messing up

  4. Better too little than too much Ike. Think about all the liquid going through the same jet..More oil means less gas, and that means it is running lean. not good.

  5. I’m trying to make my own go kart what do you recommend for an engine that powerful but not expensive

  6. Enjoy your guys videos. Keep up the good work! what happened to to the 4 engine gokart?

  7. Watching this video brings back old fond memories of my younger days rebuilding 2-stroke motorcycles thanks Ike….keep up the great videos……..??.

  8. god that sounds good man nice job with the mini tank I got the same one works great for a test tank comes in handy alot

  9. When u put oil in gas tank you have it at a 100 to 1 mix lol that will clog op your plugs

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