How to: Ride a Motorcycle on the Freeway | Ninja 300

How to: Ride a Motorcycle on the Freeway | Ninja 300
Sometimes, as a new rider, riding on the freeway can be intimidating. It doesn’t need to be. We good habits, training and some boosted confidence, anyone with a big enough bike can learn to ride on the freeway.

Motorcycle: 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300 SE

Tail Bag:
Touring Windshield:
Shorty Levers:
15 tooth front sprocket:
Heated Grips:
Foam Grip Expanders:
Swingarm Spool Sliders:
905 Racing Race Rails:
Yoshimura R77 Exhaust:
Tapered Bearings:

GoPro Hero4 Black:
GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition
GoPro Hero4 Session:
iPhone 6s+:
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920:

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17 thoughts on “How to: Ride a Motorcycle on the Freeway | Ninja 300

  1. Hey man just started watching your vids! Quick question though, when exiting the freeway using the ramp you mentioned you roll off the throttle and let the engine do the work. Do you click through the gears as you slow down gradually or do you slow down to cornering speed and click down through all the gears in one succession? Do you downshift and rev match? Thanks in advance, I just got my ninja 300 but I’m practicing everyday before I hit the freeway!

  2. Thanks for the video! I’ve been looking everywhere for a proper video about freeway riding. 🙂

  3. Hey man, great Video! I was trying to merge to a main road the other day and couldn’t find a gap so I had to stop and when I “semi” found a gap I just throttled my way in and went for it and the guy started swearing and sounding the horn.

    I realize that it was my fault for being impatient, but I was very stressed since there was a lot of cars behind me, and a lot of traffic on that road.
    What could I’ve done better? Thank you!

  4. That’s one valuable video mate esp for a beginner like me. THANK YOU ! 🙂

  5. ty 4 ur video…what cams do you recommend? I d like 1 for front and back video recording? any idea….gracias….

  6. I need help. I just bought a ninja 300 2017. On the highway. At 55mph or more which i cant, i feel like the air is going to throw me off. It actually push me to the sides. And feels likethe bike is going to slide. And when acar passes me. Oh wow. Help

  7. I’m from east, and Arizona have the shortest ramps I’ve ever seen.Also, glad to see u with gear, can’t tell u how many people I’ve seen with absolutely no gear riding on the highway in Arizona

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