A Brief History of Kawasaki Motorcycles

A Brief History of Kawasaki Motorcycles
A Brief Historical look at the rise of Kawasaki motorcycles

Ever wonder how Kawasaki got to be the way they are? Take a look back a their humble beginnings with Shadetree Surgeon. All the way from the original H1 mach 3 triple to the Supercharged Kawasaki H2 we have today. If you liked this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up!

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Hope you guys like this one, it’s a little different than my usual fare. If there’s anything else you’d like to see me do this kind of video on don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments! Thanks for everything guys, till next time… keep it weird #shadetreearmy

15 thoughts on “A Brief History of Kawasaki Motorcycles

  1. Damn, this was an excellent rant! I think you’re on to something important here. Very nice work! 😀

  2. My first bike was a 73 ts185….it ran on bad luck, jb weld, and “that black goopy shit in the bottom of the used oil pail”, constant upkeep, constant hunt for parts

    Then i found my way onto a final model ke100…it was always the little green bike that could…put gas in it and it could go 200 on a tank…easy to follow on a group ride cause it smoked the most, only thing it couldn’t do was keep me outta trouble.
    I always find myself on the look out for one…even though i have plenty others to ride.

  3. I like this video. Also, Kawasaki was the first Japanese motor company to open a plant here in the USA in the 70s, in Lincoln, Nebraska, where they build and assemble all of the bikes and more they sell here in the US. They also have a second plant in Missouri.

  4. Nice Rant! I had a few fastasfukis my favorite was the brown 74 h2 810 kit carbs and chambers it was a bronco at stops, green 72 z900 kerkers an filtrons best bike ever!! there was a70 750 k i made into a custom cafe before it was cool and busa that would give you a good shake going through the toll both @ 160 but im not GETTING old any more i am so its me and my 1340 puttin around but can still drop a few coffee cups passing a bus stop, really liked this one! don’t let your meat loaf an don’t get any on you. jboveranout

  5. Dude I smoked Mexican dirt weed back in the 70’s. Thanks for the Kawasaki shout out. I switched from an ’07 HD Sportster to a 2012 Ninja ZX6R due to my addiction to speed.

  6. Hell’s yeah!!! You hit that one right on the tip and made it bleed. I’ve been trying to get a widow maker for years. I had one as a teen that I got in a trade for a car. I didn’t know much about bikes then and this bike had sat in a barn and looked like crap. So I sold it for $800 and thought i was ripping the guy off. Man… I was a dumb ass!

  7. Test rode a Z1 back in the early 70’s. Only bike to rip the flip down shield off of my helmet. I still tighten my sphincter when I think about it.

  8. I’ve always said the exact same thing about kawasaki. Always the shit lipped little kid having to one up everyone! That’s why I love them. As a kid I always wanted kawasaki dirtbikes. But dad always bought Yamaha Honda or Suzuki. I loved that green when I was old enough I decided to strike a life long loyal bond. Started my collection about 7 years ago. With my 78′ kz400, then 78′ kz750 twin, then 75′ kx400, and recently finished my 79′ klx250. Love them.

    Btw you should have mentioned the gpz750 turbo!!!

  9. Awesome video. I think KTM has a similar attitude, at least lately. Go ride anything with the 1290 engine. Complete freaking overkill with a deliberate lack of refinement.

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