Kawasaki Motorcycle After Crash: Crashtermath!

Kawasaki Motorcycle After Crash: Crashtermath!
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15 thoughts on “Kawasaki Motorcycle After Crash: Crashtermath!

  1. Get a custom paint job! With a huge EN187 logo, camo kind of thing! Glad ur ok bud.. Ride safe!

  2. Going back to the scene was gnarly !!!
    Glad you two are okay, and like you said,
    Bikes can be replaced !!!
    Dat POV of the Windscreen Doh, lol

  3. few bucks and that bitch me good as new, someone ran over my bike, hopefully my bike be back on the road soon.

  4. i got a orange z myself so i got to say keep it orange but if you want to change i will got with white and white rims, this will be awesome!

  5. en187 you should check out squid withgear he went down a little after you did and broke his leg and basically totaled his bike

  6. I like the orange but I LOVE white bikes, would probably be cheaper to stick with the orange though!

  7. Did you get a new windscreen yet? I have one just sitting in the garage since I got rid of my Z last year. Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen Kawasaki Z1000 2003-2006 Let me know.

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