2016 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R Winter Edition : Review : PowerDrift

2016 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R Winter Edition : Review : PowerDrift
The new 2016 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R Winter Edition is a machine honing the latest Kawasaki technology. With new components on board & more power at our disposal, we were at the Buddh International Circuit to test its mettle.

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For more information about the 2016 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R Winter Edition click here – http://www.bikewale.com/kawasaki-bikes/ninja-zx-10r-2016/

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33 thoughts on “2016 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R Winter Edition : Review : PowerDrift

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  2. pls do make a review of-
    Hero HX 250r
    Honda CBR 250(2017)
    dominar 400
    Suzuki GX 250
    Pulsar 160ns
    Yamaha fz 250

  3. Couldn’t you have set the traction control higher to prevent slides? It should be rider error proof provided that you have the traction control set to your skill level, no?

  4. Always great presentation quality. You guys deserve more subscribers. Keep up the great work

  5. You guys are TOP CLASS! The camera shots, the transitions, the audio, the typography! Everything is spot-on, in par with Top Gear! and the host, you the BOSS m/

  6. Wow, great content. beautiful camera work and scripting. well done and keep it up. i might just buy a superbike now haha

  7. your bad ass rider sagar u just fuck around with bike I a big fan of ur riding bro 🙂

  8. holy f**k.. 133 in first gear.. there is no such roads in India except a few to ride this beast

  9. One thing i hate about Kawasaki ………….. Just kidding there nothing to hate about Kawasaki . #powerdrift

  10. Dear power drift,
    i like the way you guys do the review. Featuring, execution and everything at it’s best. Fun to watch with lots of excitement. But,I m still waiting for your review on 2017 new ninja 650r. Everyday i browse and check for the notification. Hope you guys are working on it.

  11. sir you’re the greatest moto blogger from india that i realy realy like,
    i can understand your words, i mean you speak english fluently.
    unlike the other bloggers from india that i can’t understand well..
    btw thumbs up for you sir, keep it up.
    GOD BLESS???????

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