2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 First Ride – MotoUSA

2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 First Ride – MotoUSA
Watch Kawasaki’s all-new Ninja H2 in action in MotoUSA’s H2 First Ride review video. Read more at MotoUSA.com in the 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 First Ride article: http://www.Motorcycle-USA.com/157/25566/Motorcycle-Article/2015-Kawasaki-Ninja-H2-First-Ride.aspx

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32 thoughts on “2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 First Ride – MotoUSA

  1. Ooooh shit!! This moto is insane! Extremely beautiful design! Fuck yeah!

  2. I’m probably stupid for saying this but I want a supercharged 300…….

  3. Ok so you confirm that this is a B ZX12R on growth hormones!You can tell from the specs,it has the same geometry with a B 12,but when you say “you have to preplan,movement to get the bike back in line”,yes it is what a 12 fells like to ride on the track.

    Actually the geometry isn’t bad,it helps alot on high speeds and is ok at slow speeds.It isn’t considered  “slow”.You do need a tighter geo when you want to play Rossi and push out from thE racIng line other racers while braking late…

    The BMW has almost the same geo and if you look back you’ll find that the iconic Ducati 916 does also.

    What makes the 12 and H2 feel how it is expressed here is the HEAVY CRANK.
    Period.These cranks are heavier than any other 1000cc motor cranks and when you carry revs while banking from side to side,or accelerating at high lean angles inertia from the crank shows up and you feel the “movement to get back in line” feeling.

    This is why a 916 is one of the most flickable bikes in the world(despite the “long” geometry),because of the narrow,not so heavy crank.

    This new data for us and it will take time to adjust.Kawasaki made the statement that they built high end bikes but….Rossi failed to negotiate the Ducati Gp bike that carries the same philosophie with the H2(big power,likewise geometry).Will we be able to cope with it?
    Or will this bike be left in history simply as a supercharged bike??

  4. If I had 25k I would buy this motocycle and keep it locked up hahaha

  5. Bro Waheed I like your reviews. You speak about points other editors do not speak about. Like the heat issues and the advancement of the bike since the old H2. Same as your view on BMWs DDC 🙂

  6. Love this guys sophisticated delivery. You can tell he knows his passion well.

  7. Thanks for actually sharing your thoughts on the machine Waheed, not just regurgitating performance numbers. Best review of the H2 I’ve seen. What an awesome engineering feat this bike is.

  8. That thing looks friggin’ scary – in a good way.. 😀

    Awesome riding, too – I wish I was half as good as that..

  9. the H2 is heavily restricted. +650ib ECU flashed his H2 and threw on a arkro exhaust and its pumping out 243hp now

  10. Actually it’s 220 hp. 20 hp can make a difference. Also The original H2 was a 3 cylinder two stroke 750cc.  No comparison, just a name. Imagine if they would have made it a 4 cylinder instead of 3.

  11. It is nice to see somebody do something different. It is also nice to have an old suspicion confirmed. For a long time, I wondered whether you could build a modern type frame and chassis, using the old type materials. I figured that modern suspension, and most of all modern radial tyres, would cure the speed weave and tank slap children of the ’70s like me remember so well. Nice to have that confirmed. But an Al twinspar is lighter and probably cheaper to make, and it has become the ‘standard.’ I wonder who is going to be the first to swap the blower drive gear for H2R stuff on his roadbike? Hehehe… You might need to swap a few other parts as well, some of the fuel system perhaps… That would NOT make the ultimate weapon. There are people out there with turbo ‘Busas & ZX14s that make 500+ hp, and you’re not going to quite get to that, but it would sure as hell be quick on the straights… Personally, I’d rather have the latest R1 with all the trick electro-Ohlins gear. And my son’s 954 ‘blade is still a very nice bike. If I could take about 50 pounds off it and add 50hp – without losing any low down or midrange, I’d be very happy with that. Mind you, I still need to trim about 30 years off the rider… [edit] Fantasy bike – I want a ZX10R, with sorted suspension (Ohlins or similar), the original traction control (which works, I know, I’ve tried it) but I want the engine from my ’09 ZX14, meaning I want some flywheel, a good clutch, a good solid gearbox… I bike that goes hard when I want, but is a pussycat to ride day to day. The stock 10R is not. The clutch is rubbish, the crank/flywheel is way too light… as a racebike, it’s hard to fault, but as a daily street bike it sucks. My 1980 GSX11 was heaps nicer. Well, the engine was…

  12. Its badass. The Japanese know how to make bikes. But now bc of all you haters out there that continually trashed Japanese bikes bc they were affordably priced & you thought they were junk based on price we have to pay up the wahzoo to get one like the overpriced euro bikes.

  13. $25,000 Not for me, I’m a good rider but there is a balance of skill, speed, quality and cost. Honestly, I don’t ride my 2012 Kawasaki Z1000 to its’ fullest potential so the H2 would be a waste for me other than bragging rights.

  14. most people are brand conscious. i have a cbr1000 my friend have the h2 and his friend got the 1299 panigale. most people walk right past us to the panigale. Nissan gtr better than a ferrari but still a nissan

  15. This must be one of the coolest reviews of this bike ? Picking mine up from winter storage in a week ?

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