05-06 Kawasaki ZX6R Motorcycle

05-06 Kawasaki ZX6R Motorcycle
Short video of one of the last rides at night with my bike before the crash/makeover. Make sure you check out my other videos!!

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19 thoughts on “05-06 Kawasaki ZX6R Motorcycle

  1. Hey mate, Sure no worries!

    Entered a corner too hot with terrible lines and was distracted. Target fixated and panicked resulting in the front eventually washing out. Took my shoulder out, Smashed humerus, torn Rotator Cuff, Ligaments and nerve damage. You can check the video, Its on my channel.

  2. I have those same Gaerne race boots O.O LOVE THEM! Trading my 250r for a red 05 zx6r this weekend, cheers yall!

  3. Had a 06 ninja zx636 sold it now I have a 05 ninja zx636 with only 2100 miles on great bike can’t wait til the weather break

  4. did u have a slip on or full system? my jardine went bad so looking for a new setup.. kawi for life

  5. What had you done with with your exhaust? The sound does not sound normal. It’s really good. Was it just a slip on or a full exhaust change? Did you remove the baffle. I really want my 636 to sound like that

  6. Hey guy! Nice VID. Awesome sound.. sadly in germany this kind of exhaust is illegal 🙁 in exchange we´re aloud to run on the “Autoban” what your bike can give 😀
    Im getting mine next year.. but im not sure if the 600 or 636.

    Another question.. Whats that songs name?

    Good ride!

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