2012 Honda NC700X vs. Kawasaki Versys

2012 Honda NC700X vs. Kawasaki Versys
Does Honda’s new NC700X stand up in the face of an established and well-reviewed player like Kawasaki’s utility scoot? Is the Versys worth a 0 premium? Let’s find out.

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31 thoughts on “2012 Honda NC700X vs. Kawasaki Versys

  1. I liked the Honda until they said “6500 red line”, I’d almost hit that coming out of my driveway.

  2. Its engine is basically half of my 73 year old aunts Honda jazz motor.call me immature but that puts me off right away .

  3. There’s nothing wrong with the low redline, gears are longer so you can still use the powerband like normal.

  4. All grown up and hair still in your eyes… And why I am I getting a smell of reefer off this guy?

  5. I’m thinking of riding a motorcycle to school instead of driving a car. And the Honda NC700X seems like the type of motorcycle that I would get.

  6. how’s the brake performance differences? since nc700x only has one front brake whereas versey has two

  7. A great ,very even review of the advantages of both bikes.
    For me,the Honda is the best.
    Nothing matches low end response in traffic or simply climbing a hill.
    Plus the Honda gets ridiculously great gas mileage too.
    AND,the Honda’s low, frame mounted gas tank and low center of gravity makes the bike feel amazingly easy to move around no matter what the speed.

  8. To all those who talk bad about the Honda and its low rpm caracteristics …. when your high rpm engines already need to be costly rebuilt I will add another 100.000 km on it with a smile…!
    Cheers !!!

  9. I think this review is right on and the advantages of the Honda 700x are clear. You get better millage, more of a feeling of stability on the highway and lower sticker price. Let’s no forget the storage space on the Honda and that make it a great commuter. For me the NC700x is perfect since I am a new rider and is perfect for what I used it.

  10. a review which certainly aims to sell more Hondas, as they havent mentioned the mighty side of Versys. and the newbie riders who doesnt know what that 6500rpm limit means wil line up in front of honda showrooms. For those newbie riders, my advice is, you wil grow really fast and if u buy an under powered and timid motorcycle, u wil start to feel bored and hate the bike real quick. have the guts to buy a reasonabley powerful bike with personality and learn a lot of stuffs from it rather than wasting money on a scooter which pretends like its a motorcycle !

  11. I’ve had an NC700X for the past couple of months. I love it. It’s a great bike for someone who’s looking for something sensible, meaning great fuel economy, comfort and reliability. But it’s not a racer. If you’re into speed and power, look elsewhere. It has plenty of power for me, but I’m a rather conservative rider. What was said in the video about steering response is very true as well. I noticed that the first time I tried to counter steer with it. It wasn’t as responsive as other bikes I’ve owned. But as I said, I’m a conservative rider, more interested in reliability, economy and comfort than dragging my knees on asphalt, so I don’t really care too much. As far as the low redline, it hasn’t bothered me at all. Every bike I’ve owned prior to this redlined around 10,500 rpms or so but I had no trouble adjusting to shifting sooner with this one. I think that’s because it has enough torque to get you moving quicker at a lower rpm. The power band is much lower than other bikes.

    I test rode a Versys when I was looking for a bike and didn’t like the feel of it at all. I felt every imperfection in the road, the faring vibrated and the controls were jerky. To be fair, that could well have been just that particular bike. But the NC just felt much smoother and more comfortable to me. The lower center of gravity of the NC was very noticeable as well. Slow-speed maneuvering seems easier than most other bikes I’ve owned.

  12. Unfortunately neither of these bikes can hold a candle to the Tiger 800xc. It’s only about $1500 more and surpasses them both in every way. Better materials, higher hp & torque, plus the ability to get off the beaten path. I wouldn’t consider taking the Kawi or Honda on gravel but the Triumph is a true dual sport. I tested a Honda w/ 18k mi’s and at 2yrs old the cheapness was showing. The plastics were scratched/faded & the teeth appeared to have excessive wear so it would def. need a chain/sprocket swap by 20-25k mi’s depending on how you ride it.

  13. Great quick video most question that I had where responded through the video ,Honda NC700X is a pretty strong option for me .
    My only concern is maintenance!, how easy or difficult is this bike to keep on a good shape ?.

  14. Another ‘review’ with a pointless irritating intro, for absolutely no other reason that to stroke somebody’s ego.

  15. So, an ad blocker. Hm. An inappropriate ad, essentially charging watchers for freely available videos on a public venue, can be removed at additional charges. You guys at YouTube
    never cease to both amaze and disgust me.

  16. at the risk of asking a question that makes me sounding like Dorothy from wizard of Oz. how practical would that storage compartment be for a smallish dog?

  17. They both do all the same stuff really well but one’s faster and goes around corners quicker. There’s not many bikes less cool or uglier than the Versys but the NC700 is one. Coming from someone who’s buying a Versys.

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