Kawasaki Ninja 250r Yoshimura Exhaust Change Sound Check!

Kawasaki Ninja 250r Yoshimura Exhaust Change Sound Check!
Get yourself one of these bay boy Yoshimura Carbon fiber slip on from Amazon here http://tinyurl.com/nxwwpaz
Or check out Two Brothers exhausts, also very cool! http://tinyurl.com/kv3h5am

A quick demonstration of sound and look differences between stock and a carbon fiber Yoshimura slipon exhaust for 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

For those people who love to argue about stupid shit like if its Fuel injected or carb, please watch this quick little video I made just for you! http://youtu.be/WwDINVYypUU

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38 thoughts on “Kawasaki Ninja 250r Yoshimura Exhaust Change Sound Check!

  1. What is the little cap with fluid inside right near the rear passenger foot peg for?

  2. once you’ve listened to the sound of a  cbr 250rr,,,,,you can’t go back….

  3. Still sounds like shit, idk why this has so many views a ninja 250 is an oversized scooter why the fuck would anyone want to put any extra money in mods is stupid as fuk

  4. Sounds good!!! And @ kawa bunga 636 Go kill yourself, you don’t have a 1400 you have a 636 retard!!! Big difference!!

  5. have you changed out the sprockets and chain yet if so what did you replace them with

  6. Hi, can someone please help me… i want to know why the kawasaki ( 650 ) sounds like that why dosnt it sound like a cbr 600? why doesnt it sound smooth…? i cant find the answer online… is it possible to make it sound like a cbr 600?

  7. Yeah great video ! Thank you so much, i make my choice now ! Yoshimura’s exhaust sounds so greaat !

  8. the yoshi sounds almost identical to my stock exhaust with the first baffle separator drilled out from the tip. better, but sure as hell not worth the money considering performance is irrelevant.

  9. love the sound. i just bought one! I’m sticking with my ninja 250 for life… tried some bigger bikes and it gets wayy too tempting to go crazy… the ninja 250 holds you back from being crazy… going to start doing stuff to my bike this summer

  10. I need a 250 cause 1 it has been discontinued and 2 is one of the shortest bikes seat height talk.. that I have ever been in, and because of that the weight is more easily controllable also, it would be imported in my country sadly that makes it harder for me to find one in good conditions and in black because black looks sick I only find red, red with stamps and green…

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