2011 Streetfighter Motorcycle Shootout – Honda CB1000R vs. Kawasaki Z1000 vs. Triumph Speed Triple

2011 Streetfighter Motorcycle Shootout – Honda CB1000R vs. Kawasaki Z1000 vs. Triumph Speed Triple
A finer collection of liter-sized standard motorcycles you’re unlikely to see. We pit Triumph’s revised Speed Triple, Kawasaki’s Z1000 and Honda’s new-to-the-USA CB1000R against each other in what we’re calling a Literbike Streetfighter Shootout.



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35 thoughts on “2011 Streetfighter Motorcycle Shootout – Honda CB1000R vs. Kawasaki Z1000 vs. Triumph Speed Triple

  1. @madman9515 yeah. well this is new territory for them. they are writers first. video presenters second if not third.

  2. umm. what about the ducati streetfighter? i assume you left it out because 2k11 edition wasn’t out yet right?

  3. The guy that first reviewed the CB1000R was LAME… find him another job. Pitiful…

  4. Perfect thanks – these are the 3 I’m looking at. I’d like to ask 2 more questions… which would be best if 1. it’s main role is as a urban commuter (plus weekend blasts) and 2. the rider is 6 ft 6 and 270 lbs…can anyone help? thanks

  5. 3 top notch bikes side by side – the best of the super-nakeds – funnily enough they were the three that I narrowed it down to when I bought my latest love.
    I ended up with the Triumph – while not necessarily excelling in any one, the all round package of power, torque, handling and braking plus the crazy exotic looks (not to everyone’s taste perhaps) sealed the deal

  6. I’ve ridden all three too and found the Kawasaki suited my riding the best. The engine is by far the best and I could stand flat footed at a stop light on the Kaw. I’m a cut and slash rider and like to carve traffic and the Z has the chops to do it without drama yet still remain exilirating.

  7. They usually have a different review because european and japanese bikes are made with different mindsets. which is why Honda, Kawasaki, and suzuki are reviewd together while the Aprilia, ducati and the BMW are usually reviewd together.

  8. I’ve just bought a 2012 CB1000R – love it – nicest biker I’ve had since my ZX9R back in the late 90s

  9. bikes from the nineties were good looking, nowdays all the companies try to make ‘transformers’ versions of the bikes, kind of sad.

  10. put some good tires on that z1000 and its a new bike. The standart Pirellis (ABS) or BT016 suck at it.
    Try Metzler M5 or Conti SportAttack2 for example.

  11. I’m 6’1 and 235 lbs. I have the CB1000r and I think it’s as comfortable as a La-Z-Boy and it’s been as reliable as an anvil.

  12. I bought the honda one too. I loved the Speed Triple but I know what it’s like to live with a European anything (Cars Motorcycles Appliances) and I really didn’t want to deal with the extra upkeep. From experience I know that Kawasakis burn themselves out before you’re done paying for them. The CB1000r is balanced, handles really sharply, smooth as cognac,comfortable as a Laz-Y-Boy and reliable as an anvil! I love it and when the weather is nice I even ride it to work aside form all weekend.

  13. Few riders can take these bikes to their limits. Of those few, even fewer can find roads good enough to max out on. So… just pick the one you like best. It doesn’t matter.

  14. I dunno man if your just slashing around town having fun. That z1000 is pretty damn tough to beat. I can drop it down to 40 mph in in 6th gear and just rip the throttle back and it punches HARD. Real hard actually. Makes for a fun DAT of putting around.

  15. Speed Triple and CB Stripped Super sports. Z1000 A really powerful standard/Sport. not even the same class. But, I love my Z its a sleeper. I love passing ZXs, CBRs, and GsxRs in the turns, when we stop they say I didn’t know that thing could corner like that. Also the CB 1000 headlight is hideous

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