Changing the Oil & Filter of a Motorcycle – Yamaha R6 – Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R

Changing the Oil & Filter of a Motorcycle – Yamaha R6 – Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R
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32 thoughts on “Changing the Oil & Filter of a Motorcycle – Yamaha R6 – Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R

  1. It is soo cool you guys are all friends, and like everyone helps one another. I’m a solo rider 🙁

  2. bro! that ninja is tight!!! is that custom or factory rims? and where did you get the decals from? im gettin a bike in about 6 months im still trying to learn!

  3. Did anyone figure out where he got the Carbon fiber decals from please message me

  4. I think you can get those decals from, i LOVE the styling of the ninja, will be getting a 08 for next year too.

  5. lol use castrol? in my country castrol is soo cheap… only use in moped motorcycle… for big bike use more quality oil…

  6. Fram oil filter and Castrol oil. No wonder the oil comes out as sludge when you change the oil. Don’t you know that the oil is like the blood of your engine and the oil the heart? Not things to buy looking for a bargain. Smh

  7. I just bought a red 07 zx6r. Changing the oil was simple. Glad I didnt have to remove any plastics to loosen the oil plug. I however did it find it easier to just raise the tank (since I was doing spark plugs”ngk ofcourse” om the bike) to get a better grip on the oil filter

  8. Watching all your 2008 zx6r vids and then riding one has convinced me that this is the bike for me, which is saying something considering that I was dead-set on buying a 09 R1 or GSXR1000.

  9. I’m 5’7 about 155 pounds. Does anyone know if I would fit right on this bike?

  10. the 2008 zx6r is a great bike mark your one was one of the best around especially with all the goodies still looks good now

  11. hi there mark, just wondering where did you get that fuel tank decal ?, i got the same bike ninja 2008, i owned from 2013, also i have with all extras same as you do, just a great bike man ! thanks !

  12. 4:35 how to ruin a beautiful green Ninja. I hate aftermarket stickers with a passion. They scream CHAV!

  13. Why did he have a piece of jump Fram filter on there. For Christ sake get a K&N oil filter.

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