2009 Kawasaki KLX250S Motorcycle Review

2009 Kawasaki KLX250S Motorcycle Review
2009 Kawasaki KLX250S Motorcycle Review
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Throwing extremes from every direction our way – heat, dust, rocky trails, barren desert playas – the nimble, quick and affordable KLX250S soaks up the hits with a smile while leaving your wallet smiling in the process. From gritty urban settings to eroded earthen passages, the ’09 KLX passes the test for commuters as well as weekend dirt warriors.

35 thoughts on “2009 Kawasaki KLX250S Motorcycle Review

  1. @copsinmyhouse im working with my uncle at hickeys building supplies in the wood yard making 10$ mabey a little more a hour. i estimated ill make about close to 4000 dollars mabey a little more working the whole summer.

  2. @moovin12 ya well good luck that means 1 and a half summers to get the bike maybe more..

  3. @copsinmyhouse im not getting a new bike im getting a second hand bike and there only about 4000 to 5000 dollars

  4. @moovin12 True but dont you think its ALOT for a second hand bike? see what i mean secondhand bike shouldnt go over atleast 3000grand even maybe 2500$ its the name your paying for dude!!

  5. so id rather pay alot of money for a good bike knowing it wont fall apart on me when i ride it then go and buy a cheaper bike break it then pay even more money for it for parts

  6. I’m 6’4 220 would this bike be too small for me? I will be using it only on the road. thanks

  7. @wranglerx07 probably not, im 6’3 and 244 lbs and i ride my 49cc honda ruckus scooter to work every day and thats 28 miles one way…

  8. now 80% off dirt bike for rent in thailand it is klx 250 2008 search dirt bke for rent in thailand


  10. @wallabies95 Gday mate….it was a while ago but I think it was about $750 for the mods. I have since sold the bike for $3900. I injured my back & couldn’t take any jarring, so trail riding & jogging have stopped. 🙁

  11. @brotherblonde Ty ive done these mods you told me and they did do a big difference on my 06

  12. a review is not a review if it is done by the people that made the bike…simple fix, just change the title

  13. set your trip after you get gas, see how long it takes to empty the tank, do some math (if you can) and hot damn not only have you already done more with youre life than you ever have but now you know your exact fuel milage and how long before youre next stop at the gas station

  14. “Hey this is Russ Brenan with Kawasaki motors. I’m a PR supervisor”

    *Closes video*

  15. Whats the difference in the KLR? Looking to buy a 09 KLR 250 for 2900$ it only has 11 miles on it looks brand new!Price seem good?Nevada bike transfer to Calif.is this going to be a problem?

  16. Its a HELL of a lot more than 1-50th. Size of the state means nothing, its the number of people. There are shit tons more people in CA than there are in damn near every other state.

  17. Of course, he works for Kawasaki look at his title in the introduction. PR Supervisor for Kawasaki, this is not really a review I agree.

  18. if they stop making things for california people won’t want to live there. then the government there will go broke. and it will teach every leader in the world a message. great idea.

  19. Hi I have just bought a road legal kawasaki klx 125 2010 I worried about I heard it will not do jumps and track ridding because the bike is not sturdy enough and may break has this happend to your klx ?

  20. that guy on ( 2;30) has a voice like he sucked to much  dick to get up to corporate ladder..

  21. I had a yz450f for tracks and the klx250s for woods. The 250 feels sooo slow but it’s an awesome trail machine and I could easily beat 450 riders in the woods. It rides and handles so good it makes technical trails easy.

  22. I’m thinking about buying the klx250s dual sport. I have to travel about 30 miles on the highway 5 days a week to work. The min is 40 on the highway. Was thinking I could do 55-60. Would that wined the motor to much for that long. The road then leads into a 55 mph zone for another 50 miles. Would this bike be ok with that?

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