2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R First Ride – MotoUSA

2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R First Ride – MotoUSA
Zipping past an unexpected Border Patrol checkpoint near Tecate, California, we lean into a banked turn pinned in fourth-gear with the tach hovering near redline on Kawasaki’s best-selling sportbike. But it’s not what you think. No border agents or any other government officials are scrambling to run us down with flashing lights blazing because, lucky for us, Kawasaki’s best-selling sportbike is the Ninja 250R.

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2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R First Ride

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28 thoughts on “2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R First Ride – MotoUSA

  1. Lol anything more than 4000 they are asking too much. even for 4000 that better be a dealership advertisement,

  2. ive seen alot of bikes with mods, like lowering kits, LED’s, fender eliminators, new seats, stuff like that, probably why they cost so much

  3. Does the ninja 250 r show what gear your in? Thinkin about gettin a bike soon but im nervouse about not knowing what gear im in.

  4. It’s usually not important to know the exact gear you’re in. Shift up or down to stay in the power band, and get all the way back to first when you come to a stop.

  5. new is 4,200 roughly, and they can be found used for around 2500-3000 dollars for one a couple years old. blue book the cost before haggling, though. the 2008 model msrp was only 3499, so people asking for 3000 after 5 years is something that can be brought down. (a quick search on kelly lists the value of a 2010 model in “excellent” condition at $3,130, for instance).

  6. agreed. taking a rider course makes for cheap insurance, is well worth it, and youll learn alot about power bands, revs, etc

  7. Genial voici mon achat je suis le nouveau proprio de cette belle machine ..j ai hate de la rider

  8. I have a 2009 Ninja 250R and I have a temperature gauge instead of a fuel gauge. Probably a difference between US and European models?

  9. I got the 2011 special edition and think its shit…… probably because im comparing it to my ZX636. No power, cheap suspension….. just not fun at all. Of course my opinion and views are 100% biased because im comparing it to the zx6r but by it self its a pretty fun decent bike. Ideal for beginners. 🙂

  10. The single and twins vibrate ,but they do offer better fuel consumption and are much safer.The more power you have in your wrist,the easier it is to kill yourself,you need to be disciplined with the 600 cc plus and bigger motorcycles.

  11. Hey.. I ride a 2011 ninja 250r: and I feel steering wheel shake and the bike seems to tremble… Feels so scary.. Is there any way to solve that? Without a pillion it is even more scary.. Exactly at 130 kmph mark.. Or 80 mph.. Please help me solve this issue..

  12. 250r’s are discontinued in the USA. It’s been replaced by the 300 so used 2008 Ninja 250r’s should be less than $1500, but lots of people both Dealer and Private Owners are selling it over $2500. It’s fucking bullshit.

  13. I’ve got this bikes engine in my 06 ex250. Works nicely in the old chassis.

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