Three Wheel Kawasaki Z1000, Crash Proof?

Three Wheel Kawasaki Z1000, Crash Proof?
Custom built three wheel conversion. Never lowside again! better braking and you will drag knee ( If you so choose). This modified Kawasaki Z1000 is still in development but the pivoting function definitely improves cornering speed compared to something like a Can Am.
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27 thoughts on “Three Wheel Kawasaki Z1000, Crash Proof?

  1. Before I was kind of scared to ride a bike like this, but now with my testicle retracting training wheels I can ride like a pro.

  2. se supone que debo ver la moto de enfrente o el tablero de la que lleva la cámara

  3. yay, now you can ride crossed up and not suffer any consequences for poor body position.

  4. Par rapport à la largeur, système absolument con, autant acheter un side ou un cabriolet

  5. No more low or high sides your only worried would be taking it too deep in the corner running wide

  6. Thats what i like with USA…. you can costumize whatever you want.. that would NEVER be legal to do in denmark.

  7. if it’s crash proof , he should be able to go around corners faster than the bike behind him ? I would have thought.

  8. super gay bike as gay as the can am spyder grow some balls ride 2 wheels if you ride a 3 or 4 wheeled motorcycle chances are you ride penis aswell

  9. that would be genius on a goldwing with bags if you could lock it upright when parked. wheels prob dont stick out more than the bags. I could see uber using them for lane-splitting taxis.

  10. มาขี่ในไทยเมื่อไหร่ อีกมุมนึงเขามองเป็นรถคนพิการเลยนะจ๊อด

  11. Definitely not crash proof. If I could not longer hold up a two wheeler, I would consider a tilting 3 wheeler to continue riding. I would never get a traditional trike though. Might as well be in a convertible than a trike IMO.

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