The Z1000 is my FAVORITE (Kawasaki @ Chicago Motorcycle Show)

The Z1000 is my FAVORITE (Kawasaki @ Chicago Motorcycle Show)
While I’m working the Kawi booth at the motorcycle show, I sneak away to get some footage of the Kawasaki bikes. There’s the new Ninja 250 and the new Ninja 1000 and others… but the Z1000 is my favorite!

7 thoughts on “The Z1000 is my FAVORITE (Kawasaki @ Chicago Motorcycle Show)

  1. If I was going to buy a Kawi, the zed thou is the one I would buy. I really wish I could grey in a CB1000R though. Honda has seen fit to not bring in the one bike they sell that is a direct competitor to the Z1000. I hear it’s due to poor sales of naked bikes in general in the USA.

    Stupid Americans.

  2. Z1000 is my next bike in the next couple of months, one of the guys i go riding with alot has one and he keeps raving about it plus it looks mean lol

  3. @robm425 Me too! It would be mine in a heartbeat. Alas, I’m more likely to go with the ER6n as a second bike. I don’t need the crappy mileage of the z1000 when I’m not going to be using most of its power. I’d rather err on the side of “a little small” in favor of fuel economy and cheaper insurance. I’ll keep using my motard for track days and use the ER6n for road trips.

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