The History of Bajaj Kawasaki Motorcycles!

The History of Bajaj Kawasaki Motorcycles!
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In this episode we are gonna go over The History of Bajaj Kawasaki Motorcycles!

Here is the brief summary,

In the early 80’s the Indian two wheeler market was dominated by Yamaha RX 100 and TVS-Suzuki AX 100. Bajaj which was the leader in Scooter segment had a keen interest in making motorcycles due to its rising popularity and partnered with the one of the world’s fastest motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki.
Kawasaki at that time was known for its high performance motorcycles like GPZ900R and GPZ 600R.

In 1986
The Bajaj Kawasaki KB100 was introduced.
Later Kawasaki also launched a variant of KB100 named KB100 RTZ “Delta Super Tuned”.

In 1991,
A new motorcycle model named 4S champion was launched. The 4S Champion came with Radial Aluminium Combustion Engine Technology aka R.A.C.E Technology.

In 1996,
Bajaj Kawasaki launched yet another model, the KB125.

In 1997,
The Bajaj Kawasaki Boxer was introduced. Kawasaki also launched two versions of Boxer named Boxer AR and Boxer CT with K-Tech Engine.

In 1998,
Bajaj Kawasaki Caliber was launched.

In 2001,
Bajaj Kawasaki launched two new motorcycles “Bajaj Kawasaki Caliber Croma and Bajaj Kawasaki Eliminator”. The Eliminator later served as a base for avenger series.

In 2002,
The Bajaj Kawasaki Aspire was launched.

In 2003,
Two new motorcycle models were introduced: Bajaj Kawasaki Caliber 115 and Bajaj Kawasaki Wind 125. The Caliber 115 was another version of caliber with fresh commuter looks and came with a tagline “Hoodi-baba”.
Bajaj Kawasaki Wind 125 was a stylish new premium commuter motorcycle for urban riders. The motorcycle was re launched in 2006 by the name Platina.

In April of 2017,
Bajaj and Kawasaki ended their 33 years old partnership as Bajaj is now more focusing more towards its relationship with KTM. Previously Bajaj was assembling Ninja 300 and Ninja 650 and was selling through its KTM Dealership outlets. But now from April Kawasaki will handle the manufacturing, marketing and after-sale service of Ninja bikes through India Kawasaki Motors, a 100 percent subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

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  2. Good one bro. But u missed abt there scooter segment. Even u missed bike called edura which was also by Bajaj Kawasaki. Which is an off roader model. Anyway enjoyed ur info. Keep going. Good luck. Waiting for more

  3. My first bike was a Bajaj Kawasaki Caliber Chroma and it was an excellent bike. 70KMPL in worst scenarios.

  4. Buddy …good work…..but u forgot an important bike……the Endura…India’s 1st dirt bike….

  5. Why, Bajaj auto not manufacturer of scooty,another all companies manufacture are scooty. Plz reply me.

  6. My First bike, Kawasaki Bajaj CT 150 boxer. Partnership between Kawasaki and Bajaj continues here in the Philippines

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