Son’s First Motorcycle- Kawasaki ZX6E

Son’s First Motorcycle- Kawasaki ZX6E
My oldest son takes his first motorcycle out for a little ride.

26 thoughts on “Son’s First Motorcycle- Kawasaki ZX6E

  1. real question is, can you ride it? idiot… would like to see your chiken strips haha, or how you do a corner at high speed… you can’t since you don’t trust your bike.

  2. you would rather retain your “dignity” than your skin? can you please explain that to somebody who wears a helmet, jacket, gloves, pants and boots… No matter how far i go.

  3. I’ve tasted the road but good thing I was fully geared otherwise I wouldn’t be able to wipe after going to the bathroom.

  4. why is it so many people like u in the world if he has a r6, he has an r6 maybe he can ride with the best of them

  5. not much power??? lmao stock 80-105 rwhp. depending on who you get your dyno through….exhaust etc.

  6. I’ve crashed before and still wear jeans. Other than your hands and your head most everything else heals. Look at Darius when he crashed or nearly any other idiot who has crashed barely wearing any gear other than a helmet. I’ll keep riding in my jacket, gloves and helmet and you can keep riding in your ultra cool bear suit.

  7. Yep i was wearing full gear without boots on my way to work… broke mah leg open fracture, plate and 7 screws, bet your ass ill get boots next time im out

  8. do you want your son to die. What a fucking moronic father….I know lets give him a track bike with indicators as his first bike…thats a wonderful fucking idea.


  9. I wish my dad would have been there for me and done crap like this…Props to you for being a FATHER!

  10. a track bike with indicators?? wtf u want him to ride? a scooter? moped? how bout a mini bike. go troll somewhere else you retarded ass wipe.

  11. you obviously don’t know much about motorcycles if you think that is a full blown track bike…

  12. yes, can recommend boots… all the way. I was wearing boots (SIDI) and a van drove randomly into my right hand side whilst i was stationary, resulting in triple ankle fracture (he fused the zips on the bottom of my bike trousers with the crushing force). Surgeons had to put 9 screws and a plate in… but where amazed that such an injury was not badly displaced. Had i not been wearing boots?? … probably good-bye foot.

  13. yes, I can see that. I thought it was a zx6r initially. Didnt read it fully, because they’re not common here. I was looking at the zx6r, which was very extreme seating position. It was like trying to do a press-up and ride a motorcycle at the same time. I went for a gsxr in the end though. Yes, that seems like a nice bike for a first bike. Bigger than I would normally say go for, because most people drop them when stationary, but not everyone. I still have my little ybr125 too.

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