Short and want a motorcycle? | Insight from an actual short rider!

Short and want a motorcycle? | Insight from an actual short rider!
Tremonte’s Latest Video: “Changing Sprocket Sets | Regearing the 2017 Kawasaki Z650”


Part 2 here: Demonstrations.
Not feeling confident you can handle a bike? Let me ease your worries. This is a video on how I manage standard height sport bikes, and a general overview of what difficulties to overcome as a short motorcycle rider, men or women.

**Yoshimura Alpha Exhaust

**MZS Shorty Levers

**The camera used in this clip:

**The microphone:

** Get the Z fender elimination kit here:

**Bar end mirrors:

**LED Headlight:

**LED corner markers:

**LED accent lights:

**Motorcycle stands:

**More videos coming soon!!


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36 thoughts on “Short and want a motorcycle? | Insight from an actual short rider!

  1. I have a 29″ inseam and I ride a FZ09,the biggest issue I have is swinging my leg over the seat to get on the thing but in traffic im not too bad however if it were an inch lower id be happier ..Japanese people are short so I dont get why these things are so tall

  2. “I’m 5’7” “I’m 5’11” “I’m 5’4” °-° I’m 5’1

  3. well i custom made elevator shoes about 5 inches so i am now 6’0 now i can ride almost any motorcycle

  4. Tremonte, I just want say Thank You for making this video. I will draw Inspirational, motivation and in time confidence to apply to my own ridding experience. To be honest I’m 5’4 and at one point it did discourage me to ride, but nonetheless I’m in the infancy stage of my MSF course. Thank you and God Bless also much love to your channel.

  5. Confidence and trying stuff is key. An upright bike with a little touch of acceleration and you can hop right on to nearly anything; dirt bikes are lighter than you think.
    My dislike is the heavier bikes, and maybe the 1ltr sports with high up weight. I’ve owned a R6 for many years now and only struggle at STEEP junctions. Trying bikes at a show recently I found the Suzuki sports range to have lowest seat, and so even with a 28″ inner leg I’d be tempted by their 750, it felt similar to my R6. Honestly, just try anything, but man handle the thing.

  6. I am 5 foot 2 i agree with what. All of what ypu said and every time i go to dealer i get crap from sales people about the roght foot thing yea i do it to lol and i get told oh u cant ride it its to big i love showing them they are wrong

  7. Oh and i seen some one say somthing in coments about lowering there bike try shaving some of the seat first

  8. Love your video. Im 170 cm about 5.7 and i brought er6 n 2016 . Fits me perfect . I Sat on my dream bike the BMW SS 1000 RR it feelt a bike high and bike but for now im super pleased with my current bike. I will grow on it before a get a super bike i Greetings from Sweden

  9. i’m about 5’5″ or 5’6″ and about 175lbs, can i ride an R6 or 1199/1299 Panigale ? Which is has about 32 – 34 inches seat height ?

  10. i’m about 5’5″ or 5’6″ and about 175lbs, can i ride an R6 or 1199/1299 Panigale ? Which is has about 32 – 34 inches seat height ?

  11. I’m 5’5″ and have a 17′ R6, I have no problems at all. I just shift my hips and weight around and your the strength in my arms for balancing. def possible for short people to ride bigger bikes!

  12. Thanks for bringing some insight on this subject. As short guy myself, i always get intimidated by bigger bikes. Doesn’t help much when the sales people point me to the smaller bikes in showrooms. But after watching your vid, i will definitely try out bigger bikes from now on!

  13. Great info Bro, thanks for the time and effort. I’m 5’5, 134lbs, but…with a 28″ inseam. Quite a bit shorter than your inseam and it makes a big difference. Toes down at stoplights (or anywhere) is the best I can expect unless I shift my weight totally to one side. I would think using your right foot most of the time opens you up to roads that have a high drop off to the curb or worse, ruts or holes you might step into. Obviously after years of riding short people learn that you have to CONSTANTLY be aware of these things. Also one big issue is backing your bike into parking spots. For some reason most guys want to back back their bikes into a line of bikes and you look like a dork riding straight in. Consequently it’s very hard to stop and then back into a line of bikes when all you can get is your toes down. Especially difficult if the parking lot or driveway is gravel or if you have to back into a raised grade at all. So, I suggest you swallow your pride, get off your bike and push it into the spot the last couple of feet. What looks worse (as if you should care)…you pushing your bike back into the spot or you dropping your bike and possibly even hitting someone else’s bike in the process. And…this short at 134lbs also means I just don’t have the strength others have to do things like get my bike up on a center stand. And I could go on. Shorties will understand and regular size folks have no idea. Thanks again for your videos. By the way, the FZ-07 and the new Triumph Street Twin are both great bikes for shorter riders. The FZ-07 looks taller but the center section is so narrow that your can easily get your feet straight down.

  14. How tall is Danny Pedrosa? If he can ride the ‘big boys’ then surely anyone with enough practice can. Isn’t there a video of a midget riding a big bike on youtube?

  15. Hey Tremonte I just wanna say I love ur video man. U giving me the confidence as a short rider I am 5’3″ riding a 2017cbr1000rr. All the technique giving work well for me..just wanna tnx man..

  16. I share your sentiments of falling in love as soon as you sat on it. When I was looking for my first bike I sat on a z650 and knew it was great for me. I ended up buying a 390 duke since this is my first bike ever, but when I grow out of this I’ll be looking on craigslist for z650s in white just like you have. Immense value, and it does many things well, but most importantly it’s comfy since I like to ride around town all day on the weekends.

  17. I’m 6’4 and feel great on my 2006 zx6r 😉 but we just got my gf a 2017 r3 and she is 5’2 but we also got the bike dropped 2 inches since you can get them lowered up to 2 inches and she can now flat foot the bike it only cost $300

  18. I’m only 5′ 7″ and my kawasaki Vulcan fits me perfectly. But I’m sure I could adjust to bigger bikes. But I don’t want to yet, the Vulcan allows me to put both feet flat on the ground at the same time. It’s nice. Only 28 inch seat height. But I’m going to say if you ride a bike that’s too big for you, you better be an experienced rider or you’re going to drop it at a light or something. I haven’t dropped mine but I had a couple close calls when I first started riding and if it was any bigger it would have gone over for sure.

  19. Thank you brother!!! Im getting a GSXR 600 thanks to your video im only 5.1

  20. not a problem being short , but with the extra weight of a passenger does cause complications when stopping I ride as Honda ST1300can you say something about stopping with a passenger

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