San Francisco Motovlog – Why i switched from Kawasaki Ninja 1000 to Suzuki VStrom 650?

San Francisco Motovlog – Why i switched from Kawasaki Ninja 1000 to Suzuki VStrom 650?
Describing my new motorcycle and why I switched from a Sportsbike to an Adventure style ride. I ride over the Golden Gate Bridge, and discuss my likes and dislikes of the VStrom DL650.

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13 thoughts on “San Francisco Motovlog – Why i switched from Kawasaki Ninja 1000 to Suzuki VStrom 650?

  1. Quite new on a bike. 2 years. Driving Honda NC700XA.
    Have been dreaming of a V-strom as my next bike.
    But then i tried one, and now i am not dreaming anymore.Compared to my NC the gear change feels hard and tough. The Honda gear feels soft and smooth.
    The mirrors are OK but over 70 km/h they shake. On the Honda they sit still till 120 km/h.The only positive on the V-strom was the ekstra power. I could use 20 HPs more on the Honda.

  2. Love your vids… BTW, 300 miles = 500 kms… a little friendly correction from a polite Canadian! 🙂

  3. Great review, I’m 71 just bought mine 4 months ago, my 10th bike in 50 years ,just put miror extenders and lowering links
    and handle bar (1 inch ) risers on it .mine is a 208 with 3200 miles on it…Love it…For more power you may want to switch up to a vstrom 10000. Only 32 lbs more . keep up the good posts bud

  4. Great video SFR ! Just bought a 2009 650 V Strom with only 3,000 miles on it ! I do want to replace the windscreen. What screen did you replace yours with ? Did you change mounting brackets also ? Thanks, Gary G.

  5. you made a great choice. i have exactly the same vstrom in same color. what i DID do is add factory center stand, heated grips, hand guards, parabellum windscreen, and a $330 competition R exhaust system. the upgrades when finished by me were not all that much money and completely changed the personality of the bike. great vid by the way.

  6. Nice vid. I think I’m going to buy one of these. Why are you riding around with your full beams on? This is a good way to piss off other road users.

  7. I have a Tuono 1000R but now I really want something to cruise, seen less gas stations and having space for bags and chicks :-D. Nice Video, for the screen there is a extra spoiler to apply on it, but I will see this wind thing once I can get my hands on it.

  8. I know im a bit late , but how would it handle freeways and maybe an interstate ? I’m looking for a bike that can handle a road trip that wont feel to under powered when getting up to the high speeds.and how is the seat height since im 5’9?

  9. I notice you hold the outter ends of the grips. Do you think the bars are too narrow?

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