Ninja H2 : Rain Ride – Biker Chick Tags Along!

Ninja H2 : Rain Ride – Biker Chick Tags Along!
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27 thoughts on “Ninja H2 : Rain Ride – Biker Chick Tags Along!

  1. those boobs tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they just let her go without getting those digits, maaaaaaan

  2. Do y’all motorcyclists run from cops all the time. I thought it’s the shit you do when you’re in a group ride or just once in a while but you didn’t even think of pulling over when that cop starting his sirens. I don’t ride motorcycles atm but I’m going to start pretty soon.

  3. When he said mystery chick my cartoon fan mind thought of mystery girl from Steven universe

  4. Welp, my heart dropped when I saw the GoPro fall. Thought he fell…. thnx for the heart attack?

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