Lost keys to 2002 Kawasaki Motorcycle | Mr. Locksmith Video

Lost keys to 2002 Kawasaki Motorcycle | Mr. Locksmith Video
Lost keys to Kawasaki Motorcycle | Mr. Locksmith Video. Go to http://www.mrlocksmith.com to learn more.

Customer lost keys to a 2002 Kawasaki Motorcycle so our Mr. Locksmith Mobile Locksmith and service truck went onsite and made a set of keys. One key fit all the locks on the motorcycle. No key codes were available from the Kawasaki dealer and the motorcycle locks had no key codes stamped on the locks. I picked open the locked gas cap and made a key. The gas cap lock had wafers in positions 2-6 and the depths were 1-4. I impressioned or progressed the first cut until the key worked the motorcycle ignition.

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7 thoughts on “Lost keys to 2002 Kawasaki Motorcycle | Mr. Locksmith Video

  1. Yes, I could have filed it but the ignition is so fussy!

    My ITL code machine was close-by.

  2. Yeah Jerry I have a 1986 Kawasaki zombie 75 model and uh the key broke off in ignition and I need to have a key made for the gas can I just bought does and now I’ve lost what remainder keys there is is there any way you can help me

    I Got Tired of WAITING For You to Call me back or answer your email ???
    I hope your ok !

    So You Know what = My TITANIUM BIT – KEY WORKS Better Than YOU DO !
    & A NEW GAS CAP With Keys COSTS A Lot Less Too .

    Your PRO-CRASTINATION Just saved Me $ Whatever you charge ?
    =paid for the drill , the bit , & the new cap .

    satisfaction of doing it myself !

    Why call a Pro ? If Mr Lockdude aint answering ;
    Ask Me – I will come drill your lock out for His Rates

    signed / caveman with power tool

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