Kawasaki ZZR1400, ZX-14R Motorcycle Spark-plug Change

Kawasaki ZZR1400, ZX-14R Motorcycle Spark-plug Change
http://bigbikemad.com/ Changing the spark plugs on a Kawasaki ZZR1400 / ZX-14R Ninja Motorcycle

12 thoughts on “Kawasaki ZZR1400, ZX-14R Motorcycle Spark-plug Change

  1. This has just put me off getting the ZZR. Shame. But I dont fancy plug failure at the side of the road when im abroad.

  2. Muito bom, trocar o filtro de ar e o liquido de arrefecimento em casa mais as vela de ignição para eu e muito dificil mesmo valeu….

  3. I’m confused. Why didn’t you just remove the tank and swap the plugs from the top?

  4. this is very similar to plug changes on my ZZR600.. and all 4 cylinder bikes. But consider that on many V-twin cruisers you have to take the engine out to re-shim valves..so this is the “easy job”.  This is the nature of working on very high performance machines – I say so since I work on aircraft.  And just think, you’ve now worked on one of the fastest machines on the planet, and so it goes even faster now.. what a hoot 🙂

  5. Hi mate great video and the bike looks fab !! just out of intrest where did you get the lights by the crash bungs and also how did you fit them for example what kind of brackets did you use as I’d love to do this to mine. Cheers john

  6. Plugs in a car last a 100,000-miles. Is it really necessary to change them at 7,500-miles?

  7. Hi bigbikemad.com I’m very mechanically inclined and have rebuilt entire cars. Just got a Concours with 25k+ miles on it from a friend. Very well maintained by a dealer with certified mechanics here in Arizona. I was thinking on replacing the plugs only because, well, I want to. Thanks very much for the video. Gives me an idea of what to expect. ANYONE OUT THERE WHO IS EXPERIENCED IN THIS TYPE OF THING ON THIS BIKE FEEL FREE TO CHIME IN.

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