Kawasaki Z800 : Review : PowerDrift

Kawasaki Z800 : Review : PowerDrift
Kawasaki unleashes it’s middle weight contender the ‘Z800’ to take the Z family legend forward, how good does it fare? We find out!

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15 thoughts on “Kawasaki Z800 : Review : PowerDrift

  1. i know it’s late but can you guys do a comparison between ducati 795 and this kawasaki z800

  2. plzz ??make the review of all new kawaski’s Z800, bcz i find it a very much value for money bike at the same time getting vibes of it’s performance ???✌

  3. We want to see more of the product and not your graphic designer’s talent. It is becoming a headache to watch such jazzy visuals. Keep it simple and genuine with some according twist.

  4. Dear pd army. Im a big fan of ur channel. Especially for sagar and rohan. I want to clarify. One doubt. Iam planning to buy a higher capacity bike as an upgrade from my ninja 300. My plan is to go for z800. Unfortunately I haven’t ridden that beast till now. But by chance i got a test ride for benelli 600i and iam not happy at all with that bike. It feels very heavy and bulky towards the front. Manures through traffic is kind of difficult thing that i feel. Iam 5.4 feet tall. I find tip toeing in 600i but it’s manageable for me. I need ur help about how z800 performs in my case. I didn’t find any headto head comparison between both. Kindly help me regarding how z800 performs over 600i. I hope ur feedback and verdict will help me to figure it out.. hope will get a good verdict soon… personally z800 is my fav?


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