Kawasaki W800 SE Black Edition Bike Test

Kawasaki W800 SE Black Edition Bike Test
Black is a beautiful contrast for the Kawasaki W800 SE Black Edition. This latest form of Kawasaki’s retro delivers classic motorcycling without much of the chrome, or the pain.

The 773cc fuel injected engine, with its gear-driven overhead cam and multi-valve head provides relaxed performance and fuel-efficiency. All whilst the ghost of BSA wafts past your subconsious.

The W800 is all the more wonderful all black, with lashes of crinkle, polished, matte, and chrome finishes. Indeed the finish needs a mention here. Some may question the black pipes, and elect for custom ones. However, as it stands, Kawasaki have nailed the concept of the classic parallel twin integrating modern elements of design without losing the feel of the original machine – which is one hell of a balancing act.

The cosmetic details are outstanding, from the wire spoked, black anodised rims, crinkle black pipes, black chrome tank badge, classic instruments and old school switchblocks which all harken back to the days of yore. Passers by most often accusing it of being a resto, or a British bike of some kind. All achieved without leaking a drop of oil. So authentic in many ways, with the charm of yesteryear, yet with the convenience and performance of a modern motorcycle, this black jack, could just be the ace of spades.

12 thoughts on “Kawasaki W800 SE Black Edition Bike Test

  1. Which is easier to ride for beginner, handling wise and also easier to control, iron 883 or w800?

  2. Yeah just found out they made this line……..but not sold here in the states. WTF?! There are plenty of us that love this style of bike. Hopefully soon enough, because all the other Japanese manufactures seem to realize this and are offering them here(Honda CB 1100, Yamaha SCR 950/xsr 900/sr 400 “new for 2017”, Suzuki Tu250x “ok it is small but hopefully they will also offer a larger). Plus of course we get the Triumphs, BMW, Ducati and even the Royal Enfields. Yes I know we Americans are needy.

  3. much nicer than the bonny, rare, quality, reliable, feel good bike. love the bevel drive.

  4. This bike should have a 270 or 315 degree Crankshaft .. then it would have a Cool exhaust note . and have an all white colour option . Hope Kawasaki is listening ..

  5. Get SV650, which is a similar bike but superior in every respect! Its lighter, smoother and more powerful! It also has tubeless tires!

  6. to copy is the highest form of a compiment. my 1960 triumph thunder bird my 1965 bonniville and all the new ones i have a suzuki gs850 now that would make something crazy. a suzuki gs 850 shaft drive and turn it into a triumph scrambler .suzuki my then make one with a 850 twin and shaft drive but look like a triumph scrambler. am sure that would be the bike to have. shame suzuki and triumph got together just to create this one bike.A suzumph. i will build one my self if they don’t. am sure if i went to China it would be cheaper to experiment with this concept. eny one wish to help me do this. be part of it. the dream ends as the bike rolls out and a new dream begins.live the dream we only live once. atleast once that we remember.

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