Kawasaki Vulcan S : 2017 Motorcycle Tour UK

Kawasaki Vulcan S : 2017 Motorcycle Tour UK
Well here are as promised. Vlog about how the Vulcan does on tour. Enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “Kawasaki Vulcan S : 2017 Motorcycle Tour UK

  1. Awesome video sir. The Vulcan S is one of my choices for an upgrade. Between a naked bike vs the vulcan s, which would be a better tourer? The z650 comes to mind as an option also, but the Vulcan S is drawing me in. ?

  2. Great video. Is that the Kawasaki KQR windscreen? Just ordered a Puig as its more cost effective.

  3. Yeah, I was going to ask in an earlier video when you just had the wife on the back and then I see you have the wife, panniers and tent/etc strapped to the back and REALLY wondered about it. Do you have another video about those issues? Just wondering how it felt with each addition and what (if anything) you did to compensate? I’m looking hard at buying the vulcan s but I have been pretty doubtful about riding 2up on it.

  4. Hello Pointless,
    I had wach your videos and another ones because I was thinking about buy this motorcycle.
    I whant to thank you for all your information beacause a few days ago I buy me one without ride it before. It was a great deal!
    The bike is gorgeous and the ride is fantastic, I cant imagine a better bike for me now, it is so easy to ride.
    The only cons is the seat… is terrible. For 30 minutes maximun is ok, but after that is the wrost that I ever experimented in a bike. I will upgrade it for a gel seat sone as posible. Have a few good profesionals here in Spain that will do a great job, for 250 to 400 euros, depending of the finishing grade.
    Best regards, and thank you for all informative videos.!

  5. I installed the Kawasaki Large windshield. Sadly it is still way too low. Only a seven centimeters difference between the medium and large screens. No way to adjust them without adding a top screen. Kawasaki engineers are all under 5′ 6″.

  6. Enjoyed the video, sorry to see you had a few rainy days, but it didn’t seem to dampen your enthusiasm. Had my Vulcan S since 2015 and it’s been a great bike. Toured Wales this summer with two biker mates and we had a blast. Regularly ride 2 up with no problems at all. I have a set of panniers fitted along with a Givi windscreen and Givi sissy seat. The bike is very easy to ride and very comfy.

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