Kawasaki NINJA 300 Versus Honda CBR 250R DRAG RACE

Kawasaki NINJA 300 Versus Honda CBR 250R DRAG RACE

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On my 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 636, chasing a BMW S1000RR! Click the link.

Special Thanks to Barry, Mola, Darby and Dan.

35 thoughts on “Kawasaki NINJA 300 Versus Honda CBR 250R DRAG RACE

  1. these guys seems forgot their common sense saying 300 has more power than a 250… ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.

  2. The ninja 300 has twice as much horse power than the cbr. It looked like the 250 has more torque but the speed of the ninja killed the cbr

  3. wow drug race wla yan sa mio 160..sa clark don c turbo ng tarlac wla un nilamon lng dto sa cabanatuan mutor nun

  4. Great video! Go check out Freakyfastfreddy on here, he has some pretty great videos!

  5. lol I love how buddy Slam’s his shield down both times like he’s about to own shit!! bud you’re a full grown man riding a 300 ?? and you’re wearing sandals!!! smh

  6. 300 vs 250 not fair they forgot the basic laws of thermal dynamics you only get out what you put in .

  7. Wearing a wife beater, flip flops and shorts….what a retard!!!!  No wonder “real riders” refer to dickheads like that as “squids!!”

  8. who would buy a 300cc bike if the 250cc bike is no difference? in fact the price too. stupid race at all. a flipflop and sleeveless. dayum!

  9. Even though the flip flop guy rides well cuz he looks like aerodynamic haha I hope the other guy needs to practice well

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