Kawasaki Ninja 250 vs Honda CBR 250 – Motorcycle Review & Comparison

Kawasaki Ninja 250 vs Honda CBR 250 – Motorcycle Review & Comparison
Review of the 2008 Ninja 250R. Do your friends all have 1000 CC or 600 CC bikes? Are you thinking about getting a 250cc bike as your first but worried it’s too small? From 0-60 this bike is a perfect bike for anyone. Period. No one even in the youtube community would argue that. If your friends won’t support you getting a 250cc if that’s what you think is right for you, perhaps they aren’t the people you should be riding with.

*ABS is antilock braking of course. Interdependent or LINKED brakes are different then ABS, sorry if that confused anyone. I meant 2 different things. This bike has neither. Which I prefer.

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  1. So linked braking vs ABS. Obviously those are 2 different things. It didn’t come out the way I meant to in the video. Many scooter, mopeds and some motorcycles have linked braking. That means that the hand brake works both the front and rear brakes. ABS is a feature that is available on newer motorcycles that is Antilock Bracking System and refers to an assisted braking system to help the driver maintain control in a skid or when the wheels lock up. Thanks Duke Von Moto for the comment.

  2. Please suggest future topics you’d like covered. If it’s a serious topic (not a smart comment) I will cover it for you.

  3. If you ever want to upgrade to a bigger bike by next summer, send me a message @ daviddog64@yahoo.com thanks. But just another idea for a video that usually gets a lot of views is a jacket review. Or just gear all around.

  4. Thanks for the info. You mentioned buying a used bike– any suggestions on not getting scammed?

  5. Is the 250 fast enough in normal roads, like accelerating to 30 or 50 mph?

  6. Thanks buddy I’m 6’1″ 195lbs and looking for my first bike after my MSF class. Like you I have friends with 600cc super sports and they’re telling me I’m too big for a 250/300. Yeah I’m a big guy but the ninja 250 is for learning, I have zero experience. Your first bike isn’t your last! Thanks again.

  7. Nice review. I’m 5’11 220 and i ride a 2013 cbr250r. No issues for bigger folks like us. Safe rides

  8. Nice bike! I live in DFW also and I’m looking for this exact bike for my first bike. if you’re ever looking to sell the bike shoot me an email at markwayne8596@gmail.com and I’d love to talk with you about it.

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