Kawasaki Motorcycles – History | Full Documentary

Kawasaki Motorcycles – History | Full Documentary
In 1949, Kawasaki entered the motorcycle industry, producing small engines that could be adapted to motorcycles. With the help of BMW, 60 cc two-stroke, as well as a 150cc and a 250cc four-stroke engines were developed which became the KE engine. This was completed at the Takatsuki factory in 1952. Mass production of these 148cc, four stroke single cylinder engines, started in 1953

In 1954 that Kawasaki Motorcycles produced their first complete motorcycle under the name of Meihatsu (a subsidiary of Kawasaki Aircraft Co.).

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  1. Suzuki looks bout same. No wonder they had a technology share agreement a few years back.

  2. I love the old Zs. The dream from my childhood. Today i have a Z, from 2013. Kawa is the best!

  3. I like Kawasaki. They’re built like the aircraft I work on. The redline says 14,500rpm and she’ll do at least that. The only limit on a Kawasaki 4 cylinder bike is you.
    I once had Yamahas. The XS650 A,B,C .. etc.. which is a clone of a Triumph Bonneville. beautiful. Then the Z1 came out. I was flat out on the Yammie and the Z1 passed me with absolutely no effort. I was doing 135mph at the time. That day I learned that Kawasaki are the master of engine technology. The lesson has stuck with me after 40 years

  4. all i can say is i had a old kz 900 it was a lemon some people have better luck the starte was on the bottum of the fram if you drove when it was rainy went over a big puddle the starter got vwet needs to be replaced pull the engen out to get to it do that a few time you want to quit rideing motercycles sham on you kawaski sucks

  5. Z1 with 100hp? Nope: 81hp, but guessing that doesn’t sound as impressive to these “journalists” making these “history of” videos. The research in these videos are pretty bad. Missing great milestones in all of them. Facts wrong is so unnecessary. The original H2 never mentioned either. The EFI was not unique for the gpz900. The z1000 1980 had EFI. The gpz1100 of ’81-87 had EFI, the z1300 had EFI from 80-82 (I forget which year). Maybe the  were was a refinement difference – open loop/closed loop? The best thing with the gpz900 was the much narrower engine. Lower center of gravity and plenty of clearance. Albeit the engine was uglier, it was worth it. I agree it may be the most important Kawasaki ever. Though the z1 was the prettiest ever. Challenged only by the zxr750 (vacuum cleaner hoses)

  6. funny they leave out the part of Kawasaki history where they produced the Ki 10, 32, 45, 48, 61, 100 and 102

  7. My best friend had a MACH 3 and I could always tell he was in the area by the sound of the screaming triple and the blue smoke out of the exhaust!I bought a 1978 KZ650SR new from dealer. Loved that bike but had to sell it after getting married. I’m now divorced and still regret selling my Kawi! Wasn’t the fastest bike on the road by a long shot,but for 1978 it had sexy style!

  8. That’s awesome that everyone that comes to work for the company has to spend 3 months working at the assembly line.

  9. Kawaski seems to want to make it clear to customers that they are the ultimate I wanna go too fast on my crotch rocket brand.

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