Kawasaki Kx 100 vs Honda Cr 85!!!

Kawasaki Kx 100 vs Honda Cr 85!!!
Charlie hops on his 2000 Kawasaki kx 100 and I ride my 2003 Honda cr 85, and we race to see which bike is really the fastest.

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25 thoughts on “Kawasaki Kx 100 vs Honda Cr 85!!!

  1. Obviously his bike is doing something weird it’s probably not burning enough gas that’s why the Rpms drop so low when he takes of..

  2. You trash your bikes man come on and you shouldn’t be riding bikes if you say oh it sounds fast tf?

  3. Dude doesn’t know how to ride a bike and fucked it up and is gonna blow it up and adjusted it completely wrong so if just bogs the whole time, poser-band is gone cause of his fuck up

  4. Not a even race if the cr doesn’t even run rite thanks to his horrible adjustments

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