Howto: Replace Motorcycle Front Brake Pads in 10 mins (’08 Ninja 250)

Howto: Replace Motorcycle Front Brake Pads in 10 mins (’08 Ninja 250)
My Motorcycle (a 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250) brakes started to sound scratchy in the rear indicating the pads hard worn out. I got a new set and as another experimental video project I replaced them and documented along the way.

This bike is identical to from 2008, 2009, 2010 (at time of this writing.)

Whenever possible, my parts always come from:

D & D Cycles
2400 Fernwood Drive Pensacola, FL 32505
Phone: 850.456.0354 Fax: 850.456.0402

26 thoughts on “Howto: Replace Motorcycle Front Brake Pads in 10 mins (’08 Ninja 250)

  1. I played with the lever once the caliper was removed. One of the piston came out and spilling nasty brake fluid everywhere. However, I managed to get both pistons back in with lots of effort, changed the pads and bleed the brake. When I spin the front wheel, it only rotates like 1-2 revolutions. I think I didn’t push the piston back in far enough. I went for a ride and the brake works fine though. Could it be that the new pads were too thick and I just need them broken in or I have a problem?

  2. If you blew thpiston out, you will have to rebleed the brakes for starters… however yes, disc brakes drag a little so expect the wheel to seem that its not spinning freely, Just ensure that it is only the brake pads that are dragging and you’re ok!

  3. Ahhh, I see you left 2 comments… good thing you got them brakes re-bled. 😀

  4. Its normal for disc brakes to make a rubbing sound, but a grinding sound is pretty serious, I’d have it looked at.

  5. is that plug wire or cap susposed to be fully tightened. i noticed a small leak possibly n tht looks like whr its coming from

  6. FWIW, those brake pad pins actually have a torque spec of 13 ft-lb; brake pad installation 12-13 of the service manual. While we’re here…caliper mounting bolts are 18 ft-lb for those wondering.

  7. WOW! Where in the hell did you get that info? I can’t find that in any service manual anywhere, nor has anyone else been able to provide it! Thanks for that! I’ll add an annotation to the video!

  8. You should clean the brake pistons everytime when you change the brake pads, otherwise the brake pistons will slowly start sticking/getting stuck because lots of dirt collected to them. No need to remove pistons, just get them out enough much just like they normally come out during braking and stopping the bike.

  9. although 4 years old video, but i just like to thank you!!!!!!!!!! saved me lots of money! they charge 80 at the stealership, whereas this cost half as much!

  10. Very nicely done video, man. Straight to the point, and it’s always nice to see someone give a friendly reminder to check the service manual. Too many stripped bolts on my bike because I was too hurried to check. 

  11. Just a little to add to this process. Loosen the allen head bolts first then remove the caliper. It makes it sooooo much easier!

  12. This would have been so much more help in more than 240dpi. Still good though. We’ll have a whip-round for a better camera for ya!  🙂

  13. “my hand are pretty clean”, shows a super dirty hand :p ! Good video, thanks for uploading 🙂

  14. this is awesome, i was going to pay a ton to have it done but i have no apprehension in doing this myself. thanks! Im fairly mechanically inclined for a girl so this empowers me to get down and dirty with it. 🙂

  15. I just did this recently on my ninja 300. (Same brake setup), but it went awry and the pads are wearing quickly and my disc is now scored. Also under braking it makes a scratchy sound. What did I do wrong?

  16. Hey,

    Thank you very much for the video. I was not able to change the brakes on my Ninja 250- 2012 though. The calipers won’t just go all the way in. If I press only one of them, it will go all the way.

    I just got the brake fluid replaced and they guy filled it all the way, with no bubble in the master brake fluid tank. You think that would be the cause?

    I was thinking of draining some of the extra brake fluid using a syringe…so the fluid has some space to go back up? Kindly suggest if that makes any sense please.

    Thanks in advance,
    Best Regards


  17. Hello thanks for the video very helpful!! just one question, after putting the pads do you have to pump the brakes so the break liquid will function??

  18. thank you so much for the video. If I accidently removed the pistons in the caliper, what is my next step?

  19. i liblve in pcola as well exept i drive a conpletly custom 98 gsxr 600 srad with a custom subframe ro fit the ducati 1198 tail

  20. I started riding this year in February , i have a red ninja 250r 2010. absolutely love it and dont think ill upgrade or sell it at all. I will be changing the brakes myself now thanks to this video . Cheers mate, from Australia!

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