How to Remove Motorcycle Fairings: Kawsaki ZX6R

How to Remove Motorcycle Fairings: Kawsaki ZX6R
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I just got an entire new set of fairings from and I wanted to show everyone how easy is is to remove all your fairings.

15 thoughts on “How to Remove Motorcycle Fairings: Kawsaki ZX6R

  1. Awesome video man, I have the same bike so seeing a video of how to this really helped me. 

  2. Now to remove that front sprocket cover and THROW IT AWAY!!! lol great how to brotha well done!!!

  3. What are the pieces called at 7:10 I need to order more can someone please tell me what those are called.

  4. Also what tools do I need because I need to remove my tire from the bike but don’t know all the tools I would need to disassemble the bike. I’ve seen the how to video just don’t know what tools I need

  5. Whats the name of those frame sliders ? My hike has the same ones but i dk what their called the previous owner doesnt remember either, And where can i find OEM or close to OEM after market mirrors? Any idea? I been looking on ebay but they have bad reviews on aftermarket mirrors

  6. Hey ShogunGrenade, what did you do with the foam pieces that were under the tail fairing?  Did you just move them to the new fairings, if so how did you put them back on, or were you able to find new pads somewhere, if so where did you get them?

  7. Can someone please tell me what the thing on the side of the fairing next to the turn signal is call? the one inside the fairings, is it a rectifier?

  8. that plastic pin bolts on lower fairing and inside front fairing are pain in the ass to take off. too tight.

  9. that was an amazing video…… great job!!!!!! you were not too much nor little …. it def kept me wanting to watch thank man

  10. I’ve found a faster way go to your nearest highway run it at top speed..they will disappear shorty after 165 170 lol

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