Basic Motorcycle Maintenance Removing Spark Plugs Part 2/5

Basic Motorcycle Maintenance Removing Spark Plugs Part 2/5
Part 2 of my basic motorcycle maintenance. This video highlights how to remove the airbox and spark plugs from a Kawasaki ZX6R. Stay tuned for the next video which is setting the gap on spark plugs

9 thoughts on “Basic Motorcycle Maintenance Removing Spark Plugs Part 2/5

  1. just one question, you disconected 3 hoses and a lot of connectors dont you mix them up when reassembling?

  2. @caparzo2142 The hoses are routed in a way that it sorta stays where they’re supposed to connect and they are different diameters so it only fits in one place. As for the connectors, the wiring harness is designed so that if you do make a mistake, it is apparent the wrong connection is made because the other connectors won’t line up. If you are doing a complete tear down, I would recommend labelling the plugs.

  3. @wedginator no, not a complete strip down, just the same as you, small 7500mile maintenance

  4. @BholeViolater Ok, I’m gonna hope you’re a super hot chick while I wait.

  5. great vid, but im having a lot of difficulty removing the air box. ive removed that central bolt (0:28) and i have loosened both side screws (0:32), but the box is barely budging. do i have to pull it out really hard or is there something im missing? any help would be appreciated

  6. @Likeafoxow man am i dumb. i just needed to pull it out! thought that the thing would just come right off, but didn’t realize that i actually needed to tug on it here and there. but anyway, i ended up fixing my bikes issue, which was faulty spark plugs. thanks for the help; you definitely saved me some money! THANKS!

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