Asian Girl Riding Motorcycle Ninja 250 Kawasaki (first time on route)

Asian Girl Riding Motorcycle Ninja 250 Kawasaki (first time on route)
My first time trying mini twist and turns! I’m still super super NOOB so please don’t judge or take this video too seriously 🙁 lol it’s still all very new to me. This was on UVAS in San Jose. There weren’t much and I didn’t drag any knee but super duper baby steps for me! 🙂 Was fun fun fun!

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23 thoughts on “Asian Girl Riding Motorcycle Ninja 250 Kawasaki (first time on route)

  1. its a motorcycle instructional video…it’ll help you learn better riding posture and technique…

  2. Im thinking about learning how to ride. But seeing how im tiny in size I was skeptical about it and scared but seeing you riding 🙂 makes me feel more confident. BTW Good job girl 😉

  3. I have been riding my ninja 250 for about a year. I love my bike..fits me perfectly. I love seeing other girls representing the 250!! Great videos!

  4. What made you get the 250? I love my bike but I get a lot of pressure to upgrade. I’m capable of riding a higher cc bike, but the 250 just fits me. Any feedback or personal opinion about riding the 250??? Thx

  5. im going to get one.. kawasaki 250r 2013… but now im using my husband er6n 2013 for a while before get the 250r.. cant wait!!

  6. oh my goodness, can we ride together one day ? I’m a petit asian 🙂
    I got my ninja 250 last December, and I already have put over 3000 miles in it. It’s so much fun riding this bike thru winter, spring, summer, all allll 🙂

  7. I have a very vertical challenge 😀 but I manage to be on the 2003 ninja 250 with lots of help from the shape-up shoes 🙂

  8. very cool. good skill. find more hot girl on bikermiss com if you are single.

  9. wat is love? love is some one that care for you and alway be there with you when u down.haha nice video wish we can ride together!

  10. I wish woman would respect bike more like you,when I was 8 my dad bought mr a mini bike and I ride it to school everyday and my first top speed record was 80kmh,and one day my mom decide to try take it for a spin and she hit a tree and make my dad sell it,after I was 14 I buy my own bike its a yamaha 125zr and I lend a girl who said she knows how to drive a bike and she end up kissing the wall…affer I was 16 I sold my 125 and buy a honda ex5 cub and the same thing happend I lend a girl who said she know how to drive a bike and she hit someone eles car(I’m the one who pay for my bike and that car) and I remember last year I got a suzuki ts and I just bought a new jacket and a helmey it looks so fucking cool so I decide I wear it and take it for a spin around town and wheb I was about to make a turn I make sure theres no vechile near me and I turn on my signal 10second before I make the turn I hit the brake a little and slowly turns a suddently ila toyota hilux hits me and I fly out my bike and hit the ground (bye bye helmet you used to be so cool) and than I get up checking if my body is ok and I turn to see the driver its a teenage girl who is still on her phone,I turn to see if my bike is still fixable and it is so I wasn’t mad,I slowly taking off my helmet and jacket abd left it near my bike and walks to herand for some reason she hit the gas and run over my bike and almost run me over as well I lost my bike,helmet and jacket…I was so pissed,after my friend pick me up we went to the police station to report this and I saw the girl and her dad and her dad beg me not to report because she doesn’t have her license yet…I don’t know what to do if I report this her dad could end up in jail and if I don’t I feel sorry for myself so I decide to make him pay me the bike and its modified parts and everyone go home happy.

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