30minutes before my Motorcycle was Stolen Kawasaki zx636r 600

30minutes before my Motorcycle was Stolen Kawasaki zx636r 600
I made this video of my motorcycle 30minutes before it was stolen by someone I was selling it to from Craigslist. The bike is a 2006 Kawasaki Ninja zx636r. The person showed up and the keys were in the bike and he was examining it then sat on top of it and took off with it. I feel very horrible for not putting up more safe guards I had the keys in it to show the mileage and to show how good it sounded not for a test ride. The Thief took off with the bike and Police are searching for him. He is a 6Feet 2inches tall African American very muscular built, was dropped off in a black/dark gray HHR. he contacted me through this number: 561-385-0569. All I can say is never let your guard down and if meeting someone on Craigslist meet them in a safe place where alot of people are or just use ebay.

6 thoughts on “30minutes before my Motorcycle was Stolen Kawasaki zx636r 600

  1. Dealers here in nyc never let you test ride a bike. You should have at least pulled the key out.

  2. i guess it’s really true that both a bike and a black person works best with a chain on…
    jk ofcause 😉

  3. when selling a motorcycle or car asure your property with full cash price in hand not half or almost the amout and count it make sure its real and all there and them let them kno if they fall and brake it you bought it u dont kno how well they ride so has to be coverd by cash no ill leave u my girl my mom my sister unless u want that sort of thing but yea CASH ANS IF THEY DONT WANT THEN THEN LET THEM GO SOMEONE WILL BUY IT WITH REAL CASH

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