2017 Kawasaki Z1000SX Review Motorcycle Road Test | Visordown Motorcycle Reviews

2017 Kawasaki Z1000SX Review Motorcycle Road Test | Visordown Motorcycle Reviews
What do you think of the Kawasaki Z1000SX and do you agree with our verdict? Tell us in the comments below.

Visordown Motorcycle Reviews: Logical, not radical change make Kawasaki’s best-selling sports tourer even more comfortable and exciting.

The perfect sports tourer must be one of the most difficult models for a manufacturer to get right, right?

The recipe needs to be a considered blend of two styles of bike that appear to sit at opposite ends of the spectrum but like peanut butter, bacon and banana, create something special when brought together.

Conversations about sports bikes often centre on power, precision, track prowess and pedigree, and saving tenths of a second. With a tourer comfort, plushness, wind protection and tank range are more appropriate areas of focus – stuff that generally isn’t going to help you ping through Craner Curves as fast as you’re capable of.

With the Z1000SX, Kawasaki seems to have hit upon the right recipe and its sales success speaks for itself – since its launch in 2011, it’s consistently been one of Kawasaki UK’s top three sellers.

Read our full review here: http://www.visordown.com/road-tests-first-rides/first-ride-2017-kawasaki-z1000sx-review

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33 thoughts on “2017 Kawasaki Z1000SX Review Motorcycle Road Test | Visordown Motorcycle Reviews

  1. nice one, hopefully we will meet at a press launch some day 😉

  2. Mother of God ?…..can’t get past that face & windshield. *BARF*
    C’mon, Japan, put down the UGLY KOOL-AID and get back to basics.?

  3. I own a 2016 model which I use every day plus just rode 2k miles through Europe – great review, agree with everything you commented in

  4. to get this 2017 n1k or a leftover 2015/2016 for less? that’s going to be my situation come spring.

  5. Have a 2015 Z1000sx and it sounds like it’s pretty much the same bike, especially with the issues with the stock tyres. Have read a LOT of feedback from users and the bike is supposed to be transformed by replacing them. I’ve just been too cheap to do it. I will say that above 40mph I haven’t noticed any issue with them, it’s really only at slow in town speeds that I’ve felt a lack of confidence in them. The engine is a bit buzzy though at 6-8k rpm, which you do get used to and ride though.

  6. Michelin Pilot 3 will give it a great steering. Just one more thing, you mumble to much, specially at the end of a sentence. Are you in a hurry?

  7. In 2016 I chose the Versys 1000 over this bike for one simple reason. Top box. The versys has a top box plate designed in so you just drop the box on, no mess.
    I would chose the z1000sx over the Versys every time if it wasn’t for the lack of thought with the top box. That is unless I am wrong and there is a plate you can screw on, if so I am ordering one.? Good review dude.

  8. Stop whispering/mumbling at some of your sentences.. I can’t understand it.

    How about the Engine Buzz that you will feel under your butt at a certain rev range in the previous model.. Is it gone?

  9. This is the province of Lucca, Tuscany , Italy. where you tested the bike. I live in Tuscany and know the rock at the beginning of the movie

  10. When a writer speaks presuming his speaking is as good as his writing things go wrong. You need to invest some training of articulation before go on public. The comment sounds rather amateur presenter, I am afraid. This applies to all motorcycle journalists who suddenly changed their roles from writer to presenter. When combined with increasingly more professional visuals the limited ability of presenting is more exposed. Please get some training to say words clearly at least.

  11. This isn’t specific to this bike but; None of the bikes I currently own have any electronic rider assists, no ABS, no lean angle sensing, no power modes. All of this has been controlled by myself. So I have concerns about how riding with these things will effect my riding, how my throttle control might have to change in the different modes, how trail braking would become different as I and the ECUs interact. I’m not advocating Ludditism, rather I’m concerned how I would find the interactions that I’m used to will be changed and how they will effect what I currently enjoy. Anybody care to comment?

  12. I sat on 1 of these recently in our local showroom…. the seat is like sitting on a plank of wood, it had a dead feeling and offered no sponginess or give at all and I certainly wouldn’t want to do any time and distance on it…. no way. Give me a comfortable seat everyday…..All that said the pillion seat looks like they get a much better ride. Shame cos it’s got a lot of other positive attributes.

  13. Low volume, hurried mumbling that no one can understand isn’t very helpful. Please redo this review.

  14. This or the mt-10 tourer…. any oppinions? I like a bit of crazyness but i want some more usability to munch miles. What do you think?

  15. 3rd review i watched that mentions a steering issue, tho the other 2 didnt say why.

    if its the stock tires causing it, what are some good ones to replace them with?

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