2017 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS First Test Review Video | Riders Domain

2017 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS First Test Review Video | Riders Domain
2017 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS First Test Review: http://www.ridersdomain.com/magazine/motorcycles/reviews/2017-kawasaki-ninja-1000-abs-first-test-review/

For six years Kawasaki’s Ninja 1000 ABS has been the go-to Ninja for those seeking a real world road friendly performance bike. Now for 2017, the Green Team bestow its medium-duty touring rig with some pleasing refinements including updated electronics, styling, and all-LED lighting. Find out what it’s like to ride the new and improved Ninja 1000 in this video review.

Riding gear worn in this test:

Bell Star Helmet: https://www.ridersdomain.com/motorcycle-riding-gear/bell-star-motorcycle-helmet-p

REV’IT! Tornado 2 Jacket: https://www.ridersdomain.com/motorcycle-riding-gear/revit%21-tornado-2-textile-jacket-p

REV’IT! Fly 2 Gloves: https://www.ridersdomain.com/motorcycle-riding-gear/revit%21-fly-2-gloves-p

REV’IT! Lombard 2 Pant: https://www.ridersdomain.com/motorcycle-riding-gear/revit%21-lombard-2-jeans-p

REV’IT! Grand Shoes: https://www.ridersdomain.com/motorcycle-riding-gear/revit%21-grand-riding-shoes-p

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31 thoughts on “2017 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS First Test Review Video | Riders Domain

  1. Another great review. I like how you break things down for us viewers and potential buyers. this is a really nice bike and I took a serious look at it. At the time I was all over the map and was looking at the new Yamaha Venture, this bike and a couple others. At the end of the day, this bike came in a very close second to the bike I ultimately chose, and there were very specific reasons why the winner won! Fit was one key factor. I am a bigger guy and though I did fit on this bike, it was close and I was not as comfortable as I needed to be. But that is no fault of the bike. Performance, styling, features – this bike is a pretty complete package. This new iteration of the Ninja 1000 is a hit and I bet I will be seeing them on the road. In fact I saw one just this morning!

  2. I am just about to buy one of these so have watched almost every review and this is the best on YouTube. Love the relaxed style along with the to the point provision of key facts. Thank you – subscribed

  3. Could you do a comparison between the Ninja 1000 and the Suzuki GSXS1000F? The Suzuki seems to be its main competition in that price range.

  4. Have to laugh at your “old man” knees! I somehow that that the Ninja 900 was supposed to replace the 800 & 1000–?

  5. Lots of practical info in this review that you can’t get from reading a spec sheet. Really enjoyed it, mate. I’ve heard some insurers charge as much to insure this as they do a zx10r, as they can’t tell the difference *eye roll*. Hope that’s not the case. Doesn’t seem to be heaps of power from this bike, only a bit more than for example the gsxs750, but you will get shitloads more torque. Not enough sports tourers on the market these days that aren’t tall and upright! Viva la Ninja

  6. Welcome back Adam! I also appreciate the way you communicate about the motorbikes.Great video presentation as well ,you can tell a lot of thought has been put into reviewing each machine.Matt/Sydney,Australia

  7. Nice review… Bit I think you guys need to be a role model for the average rider out there. Like by wearing proper boots… What do you think?

  8. I ride adventure bikes. I’m very interested in a z1000sx for an every day bike. Because I don’t ride on dirt when I commute.
    One question, is the z1000sx capable of climbing sidewalks? That’s because, for me, a big part of using a bike for commuting is parking on sidewalks and never have to look for parking space…
    But I’m afraid a pure street bike doesn’t have the ground clearance do do so.

  9. It’s 2017 and superbike sales going down really fast. Not everybody can “tuck in” along the road. But who doesn’t love high rev, high power engine from their Ninja ZX10? At least they can use the same engine for Ninja 1000. The upright, comfort ergonomy is great, but the old engine bogs it down. I’d like to see Ninja 1000 with the same engine with ZX10, just like MT10 engine gets R1’s

  10. nice review, together with few speech imperfections that make this review genuine. Much appreciated. I’d love to have one, and it would suit my riding lifestyle really well, but my budget wont be able to take it any time soon :-/

  11. Holy shit, haven’t seen Adam in years. Always enjoyed his reviews, it’s good to see him back.

  12. Very nice review. I like how Kawi has modded the N1K during its lifetime but I can do w/out a lot of the extra bells and whistles. I like the simplicity of the original N1K and lack of electronic aids.

    To that point- I have a really nicely modded ’11 N1K and frankly, I wouldn’t trade it for just about anything at this point, even the ’17. I wish ABS had been avaialable at that time (it wasn’t) & I think the new hard bags are awesome but not a deal breaker. Buy yourself a set of Blaze saddlebags and blammo, instant ST.

    My advice- Find yourself a nice, low mileage used or leftover 11-16 w/bags for much less than you’ll spend on the ’17 and mod away. I promise you won’t be disappointed. And don’t fret over the supposed vibe issues w/the N1K; my ’11 is as smooth as glass, perhaps one of the smoothest bikes I’ve ever owned, & I’ve been riding for 40+ years. The N1K is, in my humble opinion, possibly the best multi-purpose bike I’ve ever owned.

  13. Ninja 1000 ABS and Versys 1000 seem quite similar. One leans harder sport. The other leans harder tourer. I own the Versys and it has enough of the thrills (for me) to go with the comfort.

  14. I used to own a 2011 FZ1. Stock condition it also buzzed quite a lot in the pegs, seat, and bars. Honestly would not have thought of taking a serious trip on it due to the buzz.

    Put a full R77 Yoshi system on it. Got the ECU flashed to get rid of all the restrictions. Loaded a well developed PC5 tune. K&N. Airbox hack. Power went from 129 to 150. The thing that struck me the most was how the felt vibration dropped a solid 80%. I transformed the feel of the bike.

    Makes me wonder if the buzz has something to do with the emissions compliant exhaust system with the servo flapper and cat. Or if the stock condition of throttle body synchronization isn’t very optimal. All I know is that FZ1 REALLY smoothed out and picked up a heap of power. http://www.ivansperformanceproducts.com/stkvsfinalSO.gif

  15. I have now had this new 2017 Ninja 1000 (Green) for 4 months and completed just over 2200 Km, very impressed with the bike so far, looks to have great build quality, very comfortable for my 52 year old 178 cm body, very easy to ride and I was surprised at just how much power and torque this bike made out on the road, although the bike has the best gear box I have ever used, just stick in a gear and roll on and off the throttle.
    The adjustable screen is great and I find middle position best for all occasions, great to have the back-up of all the electronics including ABS, traction control, power modes etc all of which work behind the seen’s and go unnoticed.
    Would have preferred cruise control but this really has not been a issue as with the light throttle and upright riding position taking a lot of strain off your wrists, hands, back and neck compared to my previous two bikes which were both Honda Blackbirds.
    I intend to purchase the panniers in the near future.
    Only one small issue is the low gearing and small amount vibes above about 6000 RPM, after I have done a little more research I may look at replacing the front sprocket with an extra tooth to lower the RPM when highway cruising.
    Very happy with my purchase and great all rounder.

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