2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 Motorcycle Crash Lowside, Live Oak, Trabuco Canyon, CA (Season: WINTER, Jan)

2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 Motorcycle Crash Lowside, Live Oak, Trabuco Canyon, CA (Season: WINTER, Jan)
Rough way to start the year for this new rider. I recorded this earlier, but didn’t post it until I got permission from the dude that crashed since he is someone I know. I have my own opinion about the crash and I’m sure that people will state their opinions as well. I hope that those that do watch this video will learn something from it so that it may help someone down the road.

If you don’t have anything constructive or helpful to say, please keep it to yourself. The rider that crashed survived and is recovered. Not sure if you noticed, but there are crosses and shrines at the base of a tree behind that guard rail. I didn’t notice them until we were stopped.

With that being said… Ride at your own pace. Anything that might upset you to be uncomfortable or make the bike unstable, slow down. Ride canyons no more than 70%-80% of your capability so that you have something to fall back on, never go all out in the canyons. If you are a new rider, avoid canyons until after you’ve logged 3,000-5,000 miles on the odometer. Can’t stress the importance of ATGATT.

Rider Update:
Rider sustained a fractured left hand with minor abrasions. Rider is fully healed now.

Rider Gear:
Helmet, chest protector, shorty gloves, and boots. Doubled up on winderbreaker jackets, longjohn thermal leggings, and jeans were torn up but weathered most of the slide in gravel resulting in minor abrasions only. Chest protector plate weathered most of the chest impact and slide to ground.

Bike Damage:
1 snappd fork, 1 bent fork, shattered front rim, punctured radiator, bent shift lever, shattered upper fairing, cracked lower fairings, right headlight, and left front turn signal. Front wheel was wedged up again the headers, thus front wheel was locked. With the front wheel locked and rear wheel in gear, bike had to be dragged.

16 thoughts on “2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 Motorcycle Crash Lowside, Live Oak, Trabuco Canyon, CA (Season: WINTER, Jan)

  1. What happened is he didn’t counter steer. I talk about this in my motorcycle videos this is what happens if you notice he isn’t leaning nor counter steering and that’s what happens.

  2. Very obviously a beginner rider. Tip to learners, learn countersteering and cornering confidently before taking on the roads, can easily happen with a lack of experience.

  3. BRUH! Holy shit! his bike almost rekt you to! Thank god it missed by inches it looks like.

  4. You were too close behind this guy. He saw you on his rear view mirror and was thinking about going faster than you to prevent slow traffic.

  5. a 35 mph speed limit and you guys were going 50+ around a turn like you’re in the MotoGP. you shouldn’t have been going that fast through a turn

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