2012 Kawasaki ZX14r Customized

2012 Kawasaki ZX14r Customized
Brocks Alien Head 2 complete exhaust system, PC V, Roaring Toyz single side 330 OSD kit, 6 inch stretch, 18″ front rim, RT Lowering Links, RT Kick Stand, Powder coated foot pegs/ passenger pegs, custom paint on the foreman grill, custom spray tinted Headlights, turn signals, tail light, custom tag bracket, tinted windshield, dyno tuned: 200.21 HP/ 116.17 ft lb torque

31 thoughts on “2012 Kawasaki ZX14r Customized

  1. This is so sick. I personally would never put so much money into all the little details (paint job etc.) but I always love stretched, lowered, and fat tire. let the haters hate. mad props brother

  2. Before the transformation had a supermoto, now you have a gate motor.
    I’ll tell you why I have a ZZR 1400 (European name of your zx14r) and I like to do also the curves …

  3. this Bike is sick looking man! When you buy that stretched swing arm kit,what all does it come with??

  4. 118 dislikes from them Busa lovers, I Dont even know why they clicked on your video bruh! Smdh! This Bike is sick as hell tho!

  5. Hey, where can I get that swing arm and rear seat cowel(Single seat kit)? Thanks in advance!! I keep coming back to your video because its inspired me to do a similar build, Not the same as yours, but with the same bike. Thank nro

  6. What’ a waste of money. What is it with you guys in America that you have to pimp your ride so it does nothing but straight line speed. Can’t you just enjoy having a ride and seeing the countryside

  7. all I can say is only in America. And please keep it there we have corners in UK you’d have to get off and push that thing around lol

  8. Beautyfull bike. I like it. I know it’s not a good idea to put a big wheel on this bike, but it’s too cool. I’m owner too zzr 1400. Good ride man.

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  10. Let me guess, he is American. And drive without glove, in tshirt and no helmet… This bike no need upgrade. She is already beautiful. And with mine I can turn left and right, not him LOL

  11. All these Bitches hating and complaining, its not your money so what the fuck you crying for? Get ya paper up, shut the fuck up and stop worrying about what another man is doing with his. That’s Bitch shit. Jealousy is a female trait Pussy.

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