2009 Sport-Touring Motorcycle Shootout – BMW vs Honda vs Kawasaki vs Yamaha

2009 Sport-Touring Motorcycle Shootout – BMW vs Honda vs Kawasaki vs Yamaha
BMW K1300GT vs. Honda ST1300 vs. Kawasaki Concours 14 vs. Yamaha FJR1300A

We made the trek to Laguna Seca for the US Grand Prix, and what better way to make that trip than with BMW’s new K1300GT, Honda’s ST1300, Kawasaki’s Concours 14 and Yamaha’s FJR1300A as our steeds? See how the four sport tourer compare on our journey.

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BMWs K1300GT, Hondas ST1300, Kawasakis Concours 14 and Yamahas FJR1300A were our steeds. As you can see, we couldve called this a 1300cc sport-touring battle, but the Connie goes one up on the other three with its ZX-14-based inline Four.

Is using a mill based on a land rocket like the mighty ZX cheating? You may be surprised how it fared against the new K bike.


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20 thoughts on “2009 Sport-Touring Motorcycle Shootout – BMW vs Honda vs Kawasaki vs Yamaha

  1. Before commenting negative on this video, folks should read the full review online – one of the most fair and thorough sport-touring reviews I’ve ever checked out…

  2. I personally hate the sport touring class, as I believe that it combines almost no storage space and doesn’t have the handling of a regular sport bike. That being said, I would have to go with the BMW or a Triumph in all honesty if I had to get one of those machines. To each his own, if you own a sport touring machine and love it, more power to you. Just not the type of bike for me.

  3. i traded my 2005 fjr for the concourse 14 in 08. After test driving the connie i felt a quantum leap in performance , comfort , ergos and aesthetics. I found a keeper and rode it to sturgis watching a great many trailered harleys! Kudos to Kawasaki and who wants to pay the sticker on a BMW?

  4. I rode all of these bikes, multiple times, as well as the new 2013 FJR.

    I bought a 2012 Concours 14.

  5. I like the BMW 1300 GT bat the 1600 GT is lovely and shy need moor Horse.Pawer!

  6. It also has an awesome licence plate retainer and shiny tyre valve stems !

  7. A few keys points swayed me to the 14: I’m in the Concours Owners’ Group, and they’re probably THE best group of folks I’ve ever ridden or hung out with. I had compared pricing on the 14 and the FJR, dealers were willing to wheel and deal on the 14, not so much on the FJR. Also, the Kawi extended warranty was a really good deal. I just fit better on the 14. I feel like I’m “on” the bike on the FJR, not so on the 14. It’s a much better fit for me, as I’m “in” it instead of on it. Hope this helps!

  8. I know this is 5 yrs old but went and checked out the BMW this weekend the dealer wanted $30K for it! WTF? did prices go up that much in 5 yrs or is he full of it? Anyways not paying $30k for a bike!

  9. What ever happened to light touring? More weight means more motor which also means more weight.

  10. My bike Honda ST1300 and I love it. Nothing wrong with this bike. Heavy, but easy to care this monster.

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