2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic test drive review

2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic test drive review
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19 thoughts on “2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic test drive review

  1. Sean, I really value your opinion on cycles, therefore I ask you the following>>> which one of the three would you say (In your humble opinion of course) is the best value>>.1- Kawasaki1700 Vaquero, 2. 1700 Roadstar, OR the 1700 Triumph Thunderbird????? ( I’m assuming you have ridden all three)

  2. this 900 sound more like a Harley than the C50T does. but this 900 loo like a C50T which looks more like the road king Harley makes. which only say the metirc designers are copying the Harley designers no creativity in the design department. fire the lot of them…lmao

  3. Sean, that is such a great review!…..and that is the perfect bike for me! I own a SV650 Suzinator right now and while I love this bike, at 66 years young, think it soon will be time to throw a leg over a cruiser. You have made my mind up! Think it would be a better choice than a C50 Suzuki (imho )

  4. Looking at a cruiser myself. At 186cm (6’1″) I’m not sure which way to go in terms of the mid sized cruisers. I’m tossing up between the C50, XVS950, and the Vulcan 900. Which would you recommend? Are you ever going to turn left at that first stop sign?

  5. Thumps up for another great video, which helped me a lot, because I’m probably buying one, the same colour, tomorrow. I had all kind of motorcycles in the past but cruisers were my secret love and i hope tomorrow to be able to make my dream come true. Greetings from beautifull Greece!!!

  6. I’ll be getting mine soon, love this bike, I must ask, why wear a jacket and helmet, with shorts and trainers?

  7. I just got a ’07 Custom 900 (16k) for $2800 from a “brother”… Fuel injected. Love the spoke alloy wheels! I’m only 135 lbs but my feet are flat to the ground and I can maneuver pretty easy. Can’t wait. Fall in New England. Thanks for the vids!

  8. how much would it be to ship it to CA? I’m interested in some of your bikes, but so many of the dealers near me either overprice it (way higher than most of your prices), or are just lacking in variety.

  9. I love this bike so much. I’m 15 it’s my first bike it’s its perfect for me. Comfortable good amount of power to it and sounds good

  10. OMG <333333 I love this bike sooo much,!! the power is incredible!! the sounds…i LOVE this sound

  11. 5’10 and 220 lbs first time rider I love the look and have been debating Vulcan 900 or Vtx 1300 older used of course but I am afraid to get powerful and heavy but also don’t want to be regretting too little power in my 2 month

  12. Can anybody let me know if these are the stock bars rotated back a little, or if they are a after-market beach bar? Am picking up a 2009 Vulcan 900 this weekend. Will be bobbing it, Hydro-dip ‘woodgrain’ paint job (woody cruiser) booked in for next weekend, but has standard bars on it. I am after a classic retro look (and something unique with low slung beach style bars on a bobber as the VERY originals were). Like the look of the bars on this one, but not sure If I need to replace my stock bars for that look / style. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

  13. Hey man, which Cobra’s are those ? I’m looking at purchasing a Vulcan at the end of this winter in Aus and am looking at customisation options. These sound quite nice and aren’t too stubby like the short shot style pipes.

  14. Big shout out to Sean!!! It’s because of your videos (especially this one) and advice, I bought my first bike which is a 2006 Vulcan 900 Classic in Blue just like the one in this video. Thank you for your videos, they truly helped me make a decision that I am extremely happy with!! Great bike!!

  15. love your videos and the superb sound of the twins-how do you cut wind noise? I got a really nice Suzuki C50, it and the Vulcan 900 are my favorite bikes. I like shopping in your site, the only concern is do you let the bike get up to running temperature before opening them up? May not really hurt them but I take it easy for a few minutes till I go highway speed.

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