1980’s kawasaki kz 1000 motorcycles

1980’s kawasaki kz 1000 motorcycles
80,81,83 KZ1000 series motorcycles

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  1. mines an 81 KZ1000 LTD, yesterday i got it running AWESOME. i called my mechanic and he said that the rattly noise will go away in the 2 left cylinders if i install my airbox because he said it so hot in there without one that it pre-igniting the fuel without the airbox and he says misfiring can sound like the motor is coming apart if its bad enough. Nice bikes, I recommend Euro-bars for the 81 LTD.

  2. Sweet bikes man, love the Kz1000R my dream bike !! Nice to see some people still have the old school kawasakis around I got a couple myself but I wanna get a Z1 or Z1R or id love to find me a kz1000R but so hard to find now days!

  3. @carcrazyy hey my name is steve i live in fla,i have a 1980z1r 1000 painted it kawasaki green i also own a 1984 harley but love my z1r more go to my facebook s_adkins@att.net steve adkins,profile tell me what ya think?

  4. I have a Kaw. CSR 1000. In real good shape. All there,just not running,probably needs gas system cleaning. needs new clutch,battery. How can I send u pix to help establish a value on it ?

  5. Hi YAMRZ, nice bike. I have a 1980 KZ1000 LTD. A blue one. Very fun to
    ride. Sometimes I pull the baffle out on the 4 into one. Hope you are
    still enjoying them and post more videos.

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