Zero SR electric motorcycle SMOKES Ninja H2!!!

Zero SR electric motorcycle SMOKES Ninja H2!!!
I visited Cleveland Moto and test rode the Zero SR and FX electric motorcycles and LOVED them! The SR laid waste to the Kawasaki Ninja H2 in a drag race!

Please call Phil at Cleveland Moto for info on Zero motorcycles.


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26 thoughts on “Zero SR electric motorcycle SMOKES Ninja H2!!!

  1. What concerns me is how it can be too silent. Dumb animals and people wont notice it while they cross the street without looking and its too late. Also cars wont hear you when you are in their blind spot.

  2. americans have miles and pound feet, but they don’t have their own unit for KiloWatt?

  3. All nice, until they will start change batteries. If your car battery cost, here we will see crying men with helmets.

  4. For commuting or going on a gentle country ride I’d go electric, but on the weekends I like noise, the feeling of the engine and gears to feel like I’m more part of the experience to get my adrenaline rush.

  5. It makes me wonder if you could place a “Wheelie” switch that connects to a controller that uses a gyro to balance the bike on one wheel while you hold the switch and when you let go the bike returns to two wheels on the ground. Use an algorithm like what’s on the unicycle for balance.. Then anyone could be a wheelie king.

  6. The H2 can overtake SR quite easily, just needs more time up to speed, off the line. EV motorcycle is cool, but still in beta phase. It needs better battery, better range, and mileage. Then I’ll say goodbye to petrol engine. Make a bigger EV engine and it will beat H2 back and forth.

  7. this is for real! you’ll laugh so much when you twist the throttle! a totally different riding experience. it’s so much like gliding haha. if you’re into scenic and peaceful rides and accelerating fast, you’ll be in love! yes you’ll love hammering from a stop to 65mph almost instantly omg
    this is a VERY GOOD bike! MSRP $15k
    Cleveland Moto – great guys to deal with. now gotta get the gf to agree we need 1… or 2!!

  8. It does look like it is speeding up , the footage that is.Look at the guy in front then it looks real. Torque at all times ,can’t beat that…

  9. Silence is Golden.

    I would practically die to have one of these.

    Hey you could put one of those little bicycle bells on it and
    the pedestrians would be able to hear you.

    Ring. Ring.

  10. this fuking owner of store amazing ill buy my bike from hm no matter 600 miles away from me ill go there from NY

  11. Heard about this on the Cleveland Moto podcast. I use to have a 2016 DSR, great bikes! Phill is a cool guy, very down to earth and knowledgeable.

  12. Charge time: 8.9 hours standard, 3.4 hours with Charge Tank accessory, 2.6 hours with max accessory chargers. I’ve been saying this for years: as long as it takes more to charge your batteries than to fill your tank electric vehicles will only be a niche product.

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