Yamaha R6 vs Kawasaki ZX6R

Yamaha R6 vs Kawasaki ZX6R
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21 thoughts on “Yamaha R6 vs Kawasaki ZX6R

  1. 2005-2006 zx6r. If it was a zx10r it should have beat the r6 even if he was a shitty rider

  2. R6 did win but didn’t register a fucken time. R6s are killer 600s everyone knows that.

  3. Thats a ZX10 not a zx6, its a second gen 2006-2007 zx10… look at the bike and on top of that listen to it run down the track, its sounds alot deeper then a 600 that typically screams down a track in high rpms…..

  4. i like my gsxr but I have had a couple Kawasaki’s 2001 zx6r ninja and a 2003 Kawasaki 636 and the do have the power it’s like a power band in them….

  5. kawasaki all day every day R6 just proved its power against the green team and lost hands down.

  6. Sorry for kawa fanboys r6 will always be the best in its class, as you can see it won this race.

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