Worlds Most Powerful Dualsport/Enduro Motorcycle

Worlds Most Powerful Dualsport/Enduro Motorcycle
When you can buy 4 KLR’s for the price of one GS Adventure. Your going to have to realize the KLR wins everytime.

A lot of people have asked where they can buy this luggage system. This is a custom setup that Mitch and I made for his bike. We are currently trying to bring it to market. When that happens I will be sure to track down all of those who have shown interest and let them know where they can buy it.

If you love the KLR650 be sure to check out my new short film, “This Is My KLR650”

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15 thoughts on “Worlds Most Powerful Dualsport/Enduro Motorcycle

  1. I like the KLR 650 but I will not purchase one until they make the change to EFI

  2. Really!!!! I agread in one thing in this video. It is the cheapest of all Dual sport / Enduro Motocycle in every ways. 

  3. I own one of this pigs,  good for pawment , actually excellent for pawment and DOABLE for  offroad for someone like me with little offroad skills.  If I had to go some real offroad I would buy a used Yamaha WR450 for less than it would cost me to fix my BMW R1200GS after a soft crash.

  4. I’d have to go with a DRZ-400. Nearly the same power as a KLR650, but less weight. Yes, you sacrifice some luggage space, but it is a worth while trade off for me.

  5. Spoken like someone who has only ridden a KLR. Those with first hand experience of the KLR, the BMW GS series, the KTM range and others aren’t so naive.  The KLR is a great bike, to a point, but it has significant limitations also.

  6. I was about to sell my 09 KLR 650 but had to decline. I love it too much, I’ve had many bikes and this bike (as crazy as it sounds) is the hardest bike to let go off. It’s winter here in Canada Ont. and I opened the gargage door to gather a few things for the bike to finalize the sale and I looked at the headlights. The image of sad puppy eyes appeared on the blue fairing of my KLR telling me NOT to sell it, so I walked over to it and flung my leg over the saddle and sat on her for a minute. Pitter patter there’s no way I’m selling my KLR. I love my 650 :). It’s decked out with many options and even a Russell Day long seat. 
    No sale, no deal…  
    Simple, reliable, comfy, cheap to repair, durable, cheap on insurance and good on fuel. What more do you need. 🙂 

  7. To the video submitter,, Don’t forget to add that the engines the Marine Corps went with was a diesel engine, not the gasoline engine the KLR came with.

  8. This is a good bike indeed but definitely not the most powerful dual sport bike. I had one of these bikes and must have went through idk how many nuts and bolts that continuously shake off from vibrations. I will admit that it is a very easy bike to work on. I eventually sold it. I now own a BMW F650 GS. still easy to work on, just takes a little more time to get to certain parts. I don’t lose nuts and bolts from vibrations and the bike “is” much more powerful than the KLR.

    So I only say to the maker of this video to get more experience on different dual sport bikes because your title of this video is definitely not accurate at all.

  9. Also the KLR bike is cheaper by far than my BMW F650gs, obviously. But at least now I don’t have missing nuts and bolts. I guess buy cheap get cheap. Spend a few extra bucks than a KLR is worth and at least you will have a bike that has bolts and nuts that don’t get loose and fall off.

  10. have fun playing in the apocalypse while im shredding on my compact,lightweight susuki

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