Why I Picked a Kawasaki KLR650 Dual Sport as my first Motorcycle

Why I Picked a Kawasaki KLR650 Dual Sport as my first Motorcycle
I dropped my husbands motorcycle and then decided to get my own for many different reasons

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  1. @Logan41111 The bike runs fine on the Hwy but it tends to vibrate a bit more at 60 mph. I road it for a couple of hours on the hwy at 70 and didnt have any problems. I like to ride the backroads and the passes so its real comfortable at 55

  2. Washington state? If so where I live about 30 miles away from the Columbia in the south east of Washington

  3. Can’t wait for spring to be here! I just got a new klr 650 & Greenwater,rd 70.Here I come!! Nice vid!

  4. @dugsbigfish Thank you so much. Have fun on your KLR. I just love my more and more each year

  5. @sk14life Most KLR’s get about 55mpg…..in the mountains Id “flightplan” for 45-50 MPG. the KLR has a huge fuel tank (6.1gal.) for a “dirtbike”…..that’s one reason the KLR is one of the most popular dualsports in the world…..that being said, the average range going up & down mountain passes all day, I’d figure on 270-300 miles, of course that always depends on how much you’re in the throttle….KLR’s are sooo coool…!!!

  6. I’ve been researching bikes and my brother has a klr and I think that’s the bike for me. I’ve been wanting one for a while and I’m a fan of it being a dual sport. Now I just have to buy one haha within a few weeks I should have my own.

  7. that’s funny cause I like to cruise at 50 – 55 on my drz250. So its pretty pathetic for a 650 not to run faster comfortably.

  8. When I was younger, I would cut class and drive home and hop on my dad’s bike. All very stupid looking back, but I couldn’t help myself. Folks, the big bore 650 is fine for highway travel up to 70-75 comfortably. I hit 90+ on an uphill on ramp… His dad had traded him the bike, probably an ’04 or something like that. Knobby tires, extended tank, aluminum saddle bags and big ole windscreen. My grandad rode that motorcycle from Hueytown (Birmingham), AL to the Arctic Circle in AK and back. His companion rode the BMW dual sport, and when they got back he sold it and bought a KLR. Great bikes.

  9. Happy Thought,
    Your video sold me! Nice voice too. Even big guys like me have trepidation about buying a motorcycle for the first time.
    That bike sure scoots around well. Reminds me of a happy little bus! The way you explain and the course you drove are perfect at illustrating the convenience of driving a bike. i COULD say more but your work covers it.
    Good work!

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