What Luggage to Fit onto a Kawasaki ZZR1400 / ZX14-R Ninja Motorcycle?

What Luggage to Fit onto a Kawasaki ZZR1400 / ZX14-R Ninja Motorcycle?
It was a struggle to get the right set of luggage for my ZZR1400, but I got there in the end…

14 thoughts on “What Luggage to Fit onto a Kawasaki ZZR1400 / ZX14-R Ninja Motorcycle?

  1. Great set up, the top box is spot on. Trying to sort my 10 plate zzr1400 with luggage at minute. Possibly going for sw motech pannier rack.

  2. Yes, I’ve just googled images of ZZR1400 with givi luggage on (v45), and I agree they stick out a mile. I need a rack that can be removed for aesthetic reasons when not touring. Sw motech is the only option as far as I know. I’ll keep looking.

  3. How did you get the rear clover off? Looks like it needs to go over the hing so do you take the lid off? If so how? Please

  4. looks nice.just one thing.i reckon the soft luggage is on the wrong way round.it’s shaped to give space over the cans.swap side and you will see the difference.i did the same thing.

  5. I’m about to immerse myself in the sport touring experience with one of these…at 6″9′ I’ll do a lot of modifications to fit (lower the pegs, touring screen, improve the saddle). I came here for some touring solutions for the bike and found some…great vid…cheers…

  6. Nice stuff BBM. I agree with the tank bag. On long rides on this bike, it is perfect to rest onto it (I mostly put soft stuff in there) and makes for high speed riding very comfy. No turbulence whatsoever at 6’4”. 2 of the magnets just about stick to the metal but these are so strong that the other 2 do the job without having to attach the strap. I went for a smaller Givi box (just one helmet fits which is a pain) and had it covered with the Kawi green top. Bigger is practical but I feel it takes away a bit from the bike’s natural good looks. I love your panniers. I have the same but black and grey. Will have to do since, like you, I’m gonna have to splash £399 on a Sargent seat. I just got my 2015 performance model last month and, nee the engine was run in, I baptised it with a South of France trip to show off to the family. At my great disappointment, I found that the stock seat is fine for commuting and local leisure trips but after an hour, an hour and a half, I feel lie I’m sitting on lava. On my own I can slightly change position but 2 up there’s no rom. So that’s a must investment. Enjoy the smooth and fast miles!

  7. Hi there, how does the bike handle on highway speeds with such a large topbox on it? How is it with just the side soft bags on it? how with both? Finally did you install some kind of metal frame to secure the saddle bags or they are secure enough as they are?
    P.S. Opinion on the handlebar conversion (I ve already seen your other clip about it but how is it in the longrun, would you do it again? advantages/disadvantages…).

  8. Hello I’ve got an 08 ZX14 and am looking for the factory painted side bags only, any ideas out there??? :-(…

  9. Is this sw motech mount stronger than Givi monorack? I am worried that if you go too fast, sometimes the uneven road surfaces with cause either the rack or the monokey base hook to break. From what I observe, the panniers are more solid especially if you have the side support. what do you think?

  10. How did your mount the saddle bags on your zx14? I am looking to add saddle bags on my zx14. I have a cortech tail bag the 24lt one. I need more room though.

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