Walk thru of custom motorcycle seat build on Kawasaki KLR650 ** *IN HD* **

Walk thru of custom motorcycle seat build on Kawasaki KLR650 ** *IN HD* **
I have tried quite a few aftermarket seats for my 2012 KLR650. None really performed as well as I wanted. The stock seat SUCKS..as you will see why in this video. I then bought the Sargent reg profile dished, and it was really good up to about 200 miles. I wanted better, so I sold it at a loss and bought the Saddleman Adv Gel Track seat. Actually less comfortable then the stocker…and soaked up water like a sponge. Sold it at a loss.. (see a pattern here??) I then decided after MUCH forum research to have one made for me by a reputable builder. Bill (Rocky) Mayer. Ok…so after TWO re-do’s…that seat STILL isn’t nearly as good as the Sargent. I guess these ‘custom’ builders need you to ride in to get it right..odd they can’t make a generic better then Sargent though… I had some experience working with foams, and stapling stuff from when I used to build poker tables, so I decided to buy the foams and some carbon fiber vinyl along with another stock seat-pan, and just do it myself. Never built a seat before, but I figured I couldn’t do much worse. Turns out…I LOVE it. It winds up being at about the same height as the stock, I can get both feet down (balls of feet) at light… not as low sitting as the Bill Mayer, but that seat had me right on the pan WAY to far forward. I went for about a 30 mile ride ( was 35 degrees out and snowing) and I am real happy with it. Very cushy, lets me sit up front OR slide back..works well with my highway pegs. I say it was a super success! If anyone needs advice, or help making their own custom seat…just message me!

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  1. Aaaahhhhh man I need one of those poofy seats. How much did you sped on materials and supplies. The stock seat is horrible ad make my bum bum sore after long rides.

  2. Hi, James from Glendale, New South Wales, Australia,, like your video on redoing your seat on the KLR, I have a 2013 model,, seat is to high and to hard, thinking of doing a mod like you’ve done.
    Just wondering how it turned out, is it comfortable, feet flat on ground,, was it hard to staple in to the plastic base?
    Thanks again for your video,,, love the music, it’s you playing, yes,??.

  3. Just some tips to everyone out there.

    When I shape foam I use a 80 or 120 grit flap disc on an angle grinder. It doesn’t take too much off, just a thin layer and lets you get things real smooth. Then I glue a 1/4″ thick layer of light foam, usually car headliner material as it’s cheap, over the whole think to hide any tiny flaws. It makes it look profesional.

    Never glue the cover to the foam, it needs to move around so as not to bunch up, wrinkle, etc… and make the cover look ugly.

  4. Dave, do you think the extra width was an important factor in improving comfort? I’m thinking so because it adds more surface area to spread the load. Does the extra foam on the sides have solid support under them?

    Also, did you cut the 2 grooves in the foam to reduce pressure on you pelvic sitting bones? I’m assuming you made them in a groove shape so that you can sit close to the tank or further back? Do you think the grooves work?

    I need to modify my bikes seat and I think going wider and adding the grooves might do the trick. If not, then I’ll go with thicker padding. Thanks

  5. I agree with you, the Sargent is my favorite of all aftermarket seat. I just sold my Corbin dual platform seat and wasn’t pleased with it at all! I’ll never buy a Corbin again. 
    If you haven’t heard of the seat I’m about to mention I highly recommend it. Made by Russell seats in California. There truly is not a more comfy seat…
    Look into it! I actually was lucky enough to meet a KLR owner with one and omg! it’s a thing of beauty and comfort. He told me he can ride all day long without discomfort. 
    It’s 100% quality and 100% guaranteed.
    Let me know what you think… 

  6. Thanks, good video!  What’s the verdict, how is it working out for you?  Are you able to ride comfortably longer distances than with the Sargent?

  7. Hi Man, I am trying to make a custom HD Sporster solo seat …I took an old Sat., Dish and cut a small Shape of the seat I want on the bike and have 2inch foam cut and glued down on the pan but I CAN NOT for the life of me figure out how to work the folds out of it around the front and rear curves GRRRRR!! I have tried everything I even put the Vinal on a ironing board covered with a towel and STEAMED it damp  …But it still wants to bunch up around the front and rear curved…..ANY help will Be Greatly Appreciated Man. Sincerely Tony of Charleston,South Carolina

  8. you should do something with that light on tha VW Bora dude i dont know do you see anything at night with that lights 😉

  9. Use a pro and get them to allow you to sit on seat before covering. It’s worth spending the cash so it didn’t look bumpy with big folds in corners. Your bike is worth it.

  10. I think I will locate 12 pounds of silly putty. Form it into a pancake. Drop my drawers. Take a seat. Let the magic happen. Walla! Custom DR650 seat pan.
    Great Vid, I think I’ll try this myself.

  11. Thought I’d point out that you didn’t add a waterproof layer to the foam before placing your cover on.  That’s what the plastic on top of the stock seat is.  Would be worth the time to rectify that.

  12. could you please include where you got the foam and how much it was?  it looked like you had enough foam to make 3 seats.

  13. only watching you makes me think to buy a seat all that hard work. my hands are like crab claws to stupid to make this myself

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