Virginia DMV motorcycle road test

Virginia DMV motorcycle road test
Wish I saw a video like this before going to take the test so made one hoping it’ll help others.
I rode to the dmv alone with only a permit. The tester made me walk the bike to the testing area so park close to it before going in.

2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300

13 thoughts on “Virginia DMV motorcycle road test

  1. this is very helpful. i plan on getting my license in a few months. any suggestions for sport bikes for a big guy?

  2. So that the entire riding test?
    And as far as the exam goes, can you review that in the comments? I need to get this license asap.

  3. Great video man really helpful.. Witch county in Virginia is that dmv located

  4. Is this Arlington Virginia because I’m not that old yet … But I’m hoping to buy a motor cycle when I’m at the right age and This test seems pretty easy

  5. Hey if you are over the age of 19, Do you still have to be supervised while riding with a permit or not? I Thanks again. By the way i do live in Virginia.

  6. If I’m under 19 but have a driver’s license in Virginia, how do I get my motorcycle license?

    I’m 17 years old, live in Virginia, and have had my drivers license for over a year. I’m going to be purchasing a motorcycle and want to get on the road with it as soon as possible! The dmv website was a little confusing and I even called them and didn’t get much of an answer either. If I need to get a permit after having a drivers license, and I get my motorcycle permit, can I really not go on the roads without someone assisting me by driving with me on another bike?

    If that’s the case and I can’t be on the road by myself for 9 months, what can I do to get around that? Is there anything? I was thinking about maybe going to a neighboring state where it would be easier to get it? Less requirements? Can I even do that if I’m not a resident of the state? Please help!!!

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